[Verse 1: Playboi Carti]

Soft white powder clam chowder with your bitch
Snortin' up that line she tryin' to ease up her mind
2 door on that black coupe
No gold black jewels
Fuck you and yo attitude
I do what I got to
Man the pot ain't free stupid
Knots in my jeans caviar and ice cream
It seems that I like these nice things
So i’m out here for that green
Peakin' through the sunroof
Mesmerized on the clouds
I wish to be on that level
So i picked up that loud
Let yo chick roll the blunt
She made me proud
I’m tryin' to get up in them draws
Better yet i’m tryin' to get up in them draws
So stop poppin your jaws
And park the car

[Bridge: Playboi Carti]

Carti yeah with the dollar bill
Rain, club, (yeah yeah)
Trying to get all the bitches
All the bitches
All the bitches

[Verse 2: Playboi Carti]

Check my steez bitch please
I got cheese
My whole team ill
Rick owe we blow by O’s
Real cut throat
Fuck a hoe we bout that dough
Skate racks break club flow go on her jean jack
You and your crew wack
Air pack you on dat
Cash first that so i got that gold on deck
Nice coupe bad chick in the front hoe
Then the pooch
White man wealth i’m sitting tall like i hoop
Mad cheese mad steez
Dopeness in my tissue
Money ain't the issue
I thought you niggas been knew
On the hours under the influence
Nigga i am true to this
You lame niggas got me all bent
Ya’ll knew to this
Talk about this money we involved in
Blow that jane then we vent nigga

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