The Time-Actor is an invisible factor,
working in sequential pauses, and events and
results and causes bringing to pass a happening, an event of
time, recurring and returning to its source. Of course, what
we all see is what happens to be at this moment of time,
that we can appreciate with our minds unless, of course,
we are blind to the resultant frequencies – The casual
nodes and patterns of vibrational disturbance that express
themselves as objects and things and even voices like
this one, which, for example, can bend time.

On the other hand, we can say, that time
does not exist at all and that it's just the way we have to
grasp things with our minds in order to be able to hear
or see anything at all. And that in the state of perfect
freedom, time is neither a moment nor beyond nor forever -
time is the nowness of the singleness of the oneness -
the uniqueness of the inseparability of the cause and
event syndrome that produces itself in the notion of time and
sequence, cause and moment, result and pattern. -

If you see what I mean.
And yet, if there were no time, there could be no division, no
extension, no life as we know it. No duration. And so,
if this is a division of something which does not exist,
then how can we say that we, who experience time, and we
who create time by being here at all can experience something
which does not exist? How can we say that we exist? Well, as
long as there is time for us to do so, we can be here, we can
see here, we can stand here. We can even examine what we
do when we are here, although, in one manner of speaking
we're not here at all.

With me on the programme today, we'd like
to congratulate this particular human for coming
somewhat near to realizing that we particles ...

... sequence and duration and strength and power.
Something which we cannot describe, but which
everything that exists describes.


Then this is what time is describing and
therefore time may be said to be description
of what ultimately is.

Not bad.

And so we, the time-actors, the invisible
factors fashion a coat for time to wear, so
that it can see itself and enjoy its own beauty.

There's just one little flaw here, because
you presume time to be separate from what ultimately
is, and yet any description of what is
must be a description...


By itself of itself... This is very difficult...


... for any human mind to appreciate, particles,
and I'm sure you'd like to give him a round of...


...applause, that he has actually
come somewhat near assimilating a real identity...


A humble view of their own part in the creation
of the universe around us, within us, beyond us.

Of course, the wonderful thing of it all is,
that no one has time to experience all of time.
And even if we added together all the people
who ever have experienced time, and will
experience it, they still wouldn't describe it...

Why not?

...and couldn't describe it.

Why not?

What is a long time to one person is a
short time to another, and is exactly the
same time to a clock.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

And if we tried to get all the people to
speak at the same time about all the time
there'd be a horrible jabbering of voices. So
if we really wanted all the people everywhere,
that ever experienced time, to talk about time
at the same time, they would have to say one
single thing together.


Perhaps this would be the word „Time“, but
then it ceases to have any meaning.


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