Deep in the past when the world began
and the very first woman and the very last man
gave birth in a cab on a London street
to a child with a whistle and a jack hammer beat.
But they erased the child.
They erased the man.
Some fool hit the button by accident.
It was over before it even started.
All 3 parents broken-hearted.
But the angel of coincidence
took pity on the dead experiment.
She breathed into its monkey face
and gave it form and light and pace.
Slowly out of innocence
a test tube baby that made no sense
came stumbling into the light of day
but the only thing that it could say
i'm a Neanderthal man.
You're a Neanderthal girl.
Let's make Neanderthal love
in this Neanderthal...
world of blues and bubblegum
the man stood out like a sore thumb.
Yeah, he wasn't music and he wasn't art
but he got to number 2 in the chart.
And it bought him a holiday,
bought him a car
and turned him into a pop star.
But the man got sick with growing pains
and turned into the monster
with 3 brains...
Oh it's real now,
this strong emotion I'm feeling,
touching the ghost of a memory
that died a long time ago.
Here we go now,
scratching away at the mystery,
boiling the bones of our history
to make this soup.
To make this...
i'm a Neanderthal man.
You're a Neanderthal girl.
Let's make Neanderthal love.
in this Neanderthal world.
They were joined in time
and joined in s___e.
Soon to be joined by Graham on bass.
They returned to the womb
to start again,
to breed a superior race of men.
They worked at night
they hibernated.
Four into one
re - motivated.
Now full of confidence
the test tube baby was making sense.
They were joined at the heart,
joined at the hip,
working on any old piece of s___,
for experience and the hell of it.
Fuelled by cigarettes and curry,
hashish, lack of sleep and worry,
they churned out c___ for pocket money.
'Cause they knew that there were diamonds
hidden in the trash
and one day they would be revealed
in a blinding flash.
But it didn't come that easy
and it didn't come that fast
'cause they wanted to unlock the future
but the key was in the past.
Were there UFOs over Manchester?
Holy statues crying blood?
When the B side they were knocking off
turned into something good?
Did it write itself in half an hour
like all the best ones do?
Or was it guided by a higher power
to make the Son of Man's dreams
come true?
i'm a Neanderthal man.
You're a Neanderthal girl.
Let's make Neanderthal love.
In this Neanderthal world.

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