Verse 1

Outlaws out to win after wrangling,
saddling up their stallions to start galloping,
dare another challenge 'em they'll swear to come & handle 'em,
round 'em all up as if their bringing all the cattle in
the winds brought a band of them who came to tell people
the legend of Fumando José and El Níno,
tell 'em everywhere, better get prepared 'cause when they hear the...


That means they want your hands in the air now
"click, click" everywhere keep 'em there now
swear down, want to see them all air bound
"click, click" stick your hands in the air
You don't have to be scared, of what's happening in here
just aware what you're carrying has to be shared now
"click, click" stick your hands in the air now
"click, click" stick your hands in the air now

Verse 2

Bandoleros out for more than just to stack dinero
a pack of weirdo's, disguised as a gang of hero's
racketeering yet attracting ear-holes
when ever static's been pushed up to ten, they'll pull it back to zero
from sun-up, a bunch of friendly musicians
but moonshine's the light on the truth when all the loot's missing
tamed bronco's, pulled dames from their honchos
and made a lot go sing out in the rain in their ponchos,
that's why your so called town sheriff will frown, jealous
of these loud fellas in your town who sound hellish,
they'll raid out your cellars without a premise,
in and out your premises but still leave the crowd a message
to never trust a man if a wheel on his wagon's loose
and always chase rattlesnake venom down with cactus juice
...keep 'em mesmerized till it's time to bounce
all singing to the rhythms known to hypnotize the crowd
who've been misguided in direction
but now they're taught about the truth which lies in their possessions
the narrow minds soon open to the tiniest suggestions
all because of these guys smiling in their stetsons who seem wilder than a western
... others try it but there's none that seem to know why
the only thing they're moving is the tumbleweed that rolls by
everywhere, better get prepared 'cause when you hear the...


"Hands in the air now"

Verse 3

And you better keep 'em there or else bro,
word to the spurs and the leather boot shell-toes,
putting in the work to make you learn though
it's gonna be a showdown till it's a ghost town
so let the world know
about the legend that'll live forever,
gang of bandits that had the masses clambering together
through every place that they went, never paying the rent
but always paid some attention by every lady and gent
at major events, they'd hear the news of wise goons
mainly known for taking over your saloon at high-noon
who were sticking up the towns, hit 'em with a couple rounds
always aiming for the sole to have 'em kicking up the ground
till the dust is settled, some will never touch the levels,
quite clear they'll have you scrapping ideas, quick as rusty metal
tell your trusty steed, better up it's speed, giddy up indeed
plus you'll need to take a bunch of heed

"Click, click" stick your hands in the air now

"Click, click" stick your hands in the air now

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Fumando Jose y El Nino (feat. MysDiggi) song meanings
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