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[Verse 1]
Standing still gets you nowhere, so you know how I feel
I been standing here for quite some time keeping it real
When music is my inspiration, life is my template
Or life is my groove, and music is my outlet
Viscous circles full of stars orbiting my head
No, head full of viscous stars making lots of bread
It angers me, but I can't write deep insightful rhyme
Knowing that I've been seen as a rapper for quite some time
Angel on the left and devil on the right
Weighing down my shoulders, my advisors conspire to fight
The plight can never be displayed upon my face though
An angel in the devils image holds the last peso
Waste no moment in pursuit of any whim
Hold no grudges losses or wins
Live life to the fullest feel it deep in every limb
Being hurled to the end and always thrive to begin

I wanna quit my job
In order to work more
Write more
Get more
These are goals to work for
I wanna work full time for love and not a pay check
I wanna live my dream with no regret

[Verse 2]
I've watch time fly from my wrist in digital increments
Each one leeching off my mental inventiveness
I'mm sick of this but not to the point of pistols and c-4
But that might be next week so i guess I'll leave before
I need to detour away from the course of this rat race
Rodents don't run the same after staring at this cat's face
I guess that explains why I could never get into it
Visioning making a living from tips and minimum dividends
Pay scales and hate mail two breadcrumbs from the same trail
Neither of these is needed for me to see they greed sales
Details and intricacies pensions and fees too much attention of these
Prevent your freedom to breath
He who believes that nothing in life is free
Doesn't see that evil's at the root of every money tree
Cunningly running us into the ground
Listen around until the whispers of your missing existences are found
Between the sounds invading your space the day to day pace
Of things with no face too tainted to taste the race of the chase
Which of these wakes you up drenched in cold sweat
Causing folks to retire that ain't even old yet
What a petty predicament that we seem to be sitting in
Sentencing sevance into the slippers of simpletons
I'd rather love what I do and do what I love
Than owe my soul to the company store for government grub


[Verse 3]
I know my faults I think I know myself sufficiently
I only wanna take my time and just be me
Cause every time the pen and pad combine with imagination
They drive me straight up to frustration, aggravation
Penetration of thought, pacing round my room like a wild predator
Hunting down another simile or clever word to say
But I'm an introvert the stuck reaching out
In dispersed with creativity but not doubt
I see myself as stuck in a rut
Suck in my gut and kick out
A load of crap I'm worthy of the space that I've been placed at
My friends tell me that I've got an inferiority complex
I hear no outsiders authority vexed I break my first pen
Grab my notebook by the outer edge of the paper and then
Proceed to pull the bindings the spirals are seemingly unwinding
Swiftly let gravity begin

[Hook x2]

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