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[Verse 1: Felix]
In the end you'll find there's nothing wrong
You just listen a bit too close
You got too comfortable
You know who hits the most
Without a doubt in any city anywhere we rip it live
See if you can ride
I do provide a service
You can tell me if it's worth it
Step on stage and rookie MCs get nervous
Rhythm always perfect man we never really had a choice
Solid foundation
For voice
Keep it moist it's always been a dream
We've been thrown more curves than a formula one team
Consistently stiffing competition
On a mission rock blowing up spots
Record sales
Dick size
Underground mainstream
All comic relief
Yo the platinum holes all up in the ride
You still get criticized
Try to make myself wise to the process
Slide through the movements
Glide through the nonsense
Make the improvements
Check myself harder than an NHL game
I'm not hotter than flame
But at the same time who the hell are you
I'm not the best at what i do but its cool
Hip hop's without a rule book but yo it's got rules
This shit's not for fools

[Verse 2: Muad’Dib]
Consult a user guide when you decide to use a mic
It's suicide to do otherwise since you be stupefied
And dumbfounded without no doubt so don't speak you're so weak
Go home, b

You're like phone beep pecking that shit don't hurt
I can break you style down man that shit don't work
You can say that we're some jerks and know thats its true
But we're better than you

No can do i told you that crew would go back through
The looking glass booking fast
With no damn clue
They be so scared and unprepared
For tongue flaring affairs
I won fair and square

I'd lead them where but only cause they're scared and unprepared
I season then with brick because they're softer than some teddy bears
Wheres your flare one to the next they all the sound the same
We represent change

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