Keep it running as long as it means something
Even if it only means that you can only keep running
You need to cry, sweat and bleed in order to water the seed
The skies have eyes, and the trees speak to the streams

Keep it running as long as it means something
Even if it only means that you can only keep running
You need to cry, sweat and bleed in order to water the seed, want to be part of the crew, but part of the disease

Verse 1:

Have I lost it? Run dried tongue tied fillin' much awkward
It was a fun ride, gotta end sometime, don't let your guns and knives fuck it, keep stuntin' till the wheels fall off and
Floss it, [bury meet me call it a coffin], or we can see if the ocean keeps it all off and, other than that I'll keep walkin'
Eyes of a hawk, ears of the wolves stalkin'
Trying to process this hot mess, is it all just conquest and God says? Life is tough to lean back and rock with, but if love's not the key, call a locksmith
What I drop is only a hair like an ostrich, no i'm not rich, but I got this, hop skip and elevate, get lost kid, gotta dig deep in the dirt, that's where the crops live, vegetables status sloppy chopped from salad days, sprayed with life's lemons, vinaigrette get it yet, fade
Phase fizzle sizzle blaze rekindled by increments centigrade temperature raised
Phoenix feather leathers on the page, I say I'm getting better in my age
Good day, not everybody gets one, ever never better than any because everybody is leather, whatever, you gotta get it together, throw a pebble to the heavens and I'll catch it when I get there
Dead stare, chest no flex, compressed air, what's next? Just, care. I don't spit riddles just to give them out, I speak 'em because my cerebrum is in a tennis bout, Federer beretta vendetta phonetics served 90 mile an hour back hand slam better learn
Heavy-headed you can call it pomegranate, think about it a second, you'll understand it, the sad fact is you'll never anything other than what you practice, crack open the latches. That's it don't get stuck young boy, little minnow in a small pond tryna play koi
You gotta make noise, play heed to the blind preacher, cause I'm gonna make you feel what I'm saying by synesthesia


Flux chemistry, run of the muck delivery, spinally fuck corrupt wizardry, tough titties, rusted liberties, balls thrusted symmetry, twin peaks creaking wreaking, sun sizzling'
She's leaking, seeping subtle diminishing, she keeps weeping, thinking someone is listening, but I let you keep thinking i'm speaking soliloquy, truth stings like a millipede, biochemically
See, just a nation of nuclei, tryna use a suit and tie to skeet shoot for the sky. Who am I? Ain't that superfly? Dressed to the Cloud 9, tryna outshine everybody like they outside, pitch black horizon, no down time, get back I'm blinding bright, the mic to your third-eye rhymin', sim tax the syntax, collapse your whine in'


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