[Verse 1]
Everywhere I go I'm trying to do my rapper thing
I run into a crew of dudes that want to do the same
Well, listen closely, I'mma give you some game
How to get your thing together right and get you a name
The first rule is you gotta be you to the upmost
Bring the listener to your world and pull 'em up close
Let us see how it feels to be in your shoes
Take the journey that you're on, see what you go through
What is it about you that makes you different?
And what about your story makes it interesting?
Can you really make me feel it when I'm listening?
Cause if not then ain't nobody trying to give a shit
There's a lot better ways of making money
So if that's why you're here quit now, take it from me
The first decade or so is gonna be hard
So the work in itself is gotta be the reward
If there's something you could be doing, boy, you probably should
Shit is not how they make it seem in Hollywood
But if you can't sleep at night cause your ass gotta write
Just to feel right, then it'll all be good

Please listen to my demo
I gotta kick a little shit to let my friends know
Never let go, live out your dream
Just know that nothing in life is what it seems
Please, please listen to my demo
I gotta kick a little shit to let my friends know
Never let go, live out your dream
Just know that it's not

[Verse 2]
They call it show business, should've called it business show
It's a business first, ain't that how that saying go?
I say nevermind that shit, just let it grow
Brother, use your common sense and go for what you know
The most important relationship you have
Is between you and your craft, don't ever forget that
Business only matters when your ass is in demand
Your success depends on your connection with your fans
And if you plan on taking money from their hands
You better give them as much in return as you can
Give 'em albums they can listen to for years
Give 'em great live shows, give 'em blood, sweat and tears
I'm not saying these folk won't try to play you
But you stay true, you don't need them to embrace you
Embrace yourself, but then brace yourself
Cause you're gon' be staring in the face of hate itself
Can't get distracted with that kind of shit
Cause fans decide who the real headliner is
If you can't get something without being a bastard
You have to ask yourself if that's really worth having, man


[Verse 3]
It took like 15 years for me to get what I want
But that time would've passed wether I was trying or not
So what's a fella to do?
Your life is gonna be what you dedicate it to
So everytime we celebrate something new
It opens new doors that we get to pressure through
I guess I knew with every level I grew
I expect more from me than I'd ever expect from you
Your work is a reflection of you
So put your whole ass in everything that you do
This is your life, gotta live it your way
And then you gotta let them chips fall where they lay, my man


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