[Verse 1]
Phantom of the opera, champion author
Channeling the heart of the Ansar Sahaba
Reincarnated Black Panther spitting lava
Passionate, empowering, and the stare of Che Guevara
Answering the prophets in the last days and hours
Casualties of war, no one's guaranteed tomorrow
Ink of the scholar, trump blood of the martyr
Chose to flow both the whole globe is a altar
Upright, honorable, obelisk posture
Bent backs offer resting in spots for the vultures
Modern chip of the old rock of Gibraltar
Incarcerated thoughts, idiot savant philosopher

Highly regarded, wildly accomplished
Been bowed down before on six continents
Travel at the speed of sound and get nauseous
Just to catch shadows in the darkness

[Verse 2]
Uncut, never refined, so genuine
Upper echelon like the sun arrived ahead of time
Credit the divine, testify the blessings everytime
Scribble down the message every record that he tend to sign
Push this pen of mine to the end of the line
Camera lenses never could define my impeccable shine
Love, evidence of the intelligent design
With the evolutionary mind, the kind you seldom find
Gentleman, endowed with a legendary grind
Work ethic is inspired by the pyramids design
The rhetoric will refine to the level of the time
This expression so you catch a Duke Ellington's vibe


[Verse 3]
The name of the Lord Sustainer, Evolver, Raiser
All systems knowledge creator
Embrace the awesome, all-seeing author of nature
Artistic shaper of all small and major
The cradle maker, the life giver and taker
God, displayer of the garden I was placed in
My arrival was described to the angels
Self-determination was clocked in my nature
Born blind in a world full of hatred
Saved by the blank preservation I came in
Outside the matrix was my presentation
Faithfully laying on my face, prostrating
Broadcasted live from the obelisk invasion
Lost in the haze of the forced occupation
Cradled by the love of oppressed peoples pain
I busted out the chain and it has never been the same


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