No, no, no
No, I'll never stop
No, I'll never stop
No, I'll never stop
Just keep coming for more
No, no, no
No, I'll never stop
No, I'll never stop
No, I'll never stop
Just keep coming for more

[Verse 1]
Can't stop the rock, I won't cease in the least
Won't quit for shit, that pause, but never peace
Neighborhood respect, I'm awesome in the streets
Beast on the beats when y'all were peeing in sheets
No toys for Christmas, I just want equipment
Y'all were in the mix, I was at the crib mixing
You at the dance dancing, I'm at the dance spitting
Now I'm globe traveling, y'all at home chilling
I was in the beats in the books and in the zone
You were in the mirror just drowning in cologne
Same corny cliques since 16 years old
You still doing high school shit, you just old
Got a couple babies, I'm raising and educating 'em
Take them on planes and train them in foreign languages
You were rolling stone, escaping and not claiming them
Bitch, you ain't grown, you too lazy to pay for them
Rocked every fan, from basements to stadiums
All of them slammed, the small joints my favorite
Even when I'm old and they say I fell off
Shit might slow, but never shall it stop


[Verse 2]
Something about him when he taught me never doubt him
Music get to pounding on that juke to fall up out it
No doubt about it, he better every album
Heavy metal, weaponry flow, steadily growling
Don't matter how many doubters that crowd around him
Love to be surrounded, like the sun when it's cloudy
Let him live a minute to fuck him, he start to shinin'
Let him just tumble to the ground and keep drowning
Never did I desire to make it rain dollars
Make some poor father's naked daughter excited
Plenty fine dimes inspired to bare body
Respond to the high power rhymes I recited
Never believed I needed smoke to catch fire
Or drink fire water just to get electrified
The breath of God that's within, it gets me high
When it's vibrating in me, deliver me to the sky


[Verse 3]
How the hell I stop what I don't remember starting?
Popped out my mamma singing ''Get Retarded''
Kane was my poppa, Pharoahe Monch my older brother
Cube was my cool ass uncle from California
When I got to school I was 'ju-a-jumping' on it
KRS One, Chuck D gave me assignments
If I said I lost it they would send me to the office
Had to see the Principal, Dr. Bambaataa
On that hip hop and I graduated with honors
Atmosphere tour warm up slot, that was my college
Master ceremony job because I rocked it
Finally got my doctorate when I started headlining
Long as the human beatbox keep knocking
Yes, that's my heart - no, I'll never stop
When they put me in the ground and everybody start sobbing
Somebody drive by with the ''Shadows On The Sun'' pounding


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