[Verse 1]
Ran up in the liquor store, waving the pistol 'round
Everybody hit the floor, everybody hit the ground
Both of them in the zone, all about the business now
If they can stick to code they can hit it and get out
Oh, so professional, cleaner than a basset hound
Dog when his dick is broke, run it like a give a go
Did it before, just to get him some dough
Stash box getting too low, they inching for more
Out here kicking doors, twenty inches of snow
Fifty below, pistol grip is frigid and cold
Forever they been going through this rigmarole
Getting locked up, grandma bring him some dough
Put her house up so they let him come home
Oh, so grown

[Verse 2]
Two twin brothers raised by their grandmother
One was always running and gunning and caused trouble
The other one suffer cause they look like one another
He wasn't doing nothing, but the fuzz still bust him
He must have grew accustomed to the boys trying to rush him
One day he had enough and said fuck it
So baby now it's on, little brother ride along
One was the brain other the brawn and they twice as strong
They thinking if it's right or it's wrong
One heist the alarm, other nice with the arms
You make a move and act shiesty and you're gone
He never pulled a trigger in life, but be warned
He cold as stone and bad to the bone
Let's get it on

[Verse 3]
He started out buying shit, trying to have the flyest fits
Rocking all the brightest kicks, knocking all the hottest chicks
Driving a shiny whip, buy all the drinks
That was the old brothers thing, the little brother digs
The excitement side of it, trying to out smart a Vic
It was the lick until their grandmother got sick
She needed surgery and it hurts to see her
If they don't act first something worse could occur
Might lose a leg, suffer a seizure
Emergency might cover her up with dirt
Can't suffer to hurt, put something in her purse
And so they urgently burst into work
We gonna bleed this city like a thirst
Our gift is your curse

[Verse 4]
Back to the here and now, we don't have a lot of time
Cash drawer clear it out, hand over the dollar signs
And feel free to sound the alarm all you want
We already downed the phone and the power lines
And I really doubt you want to step out of line
This Glock 9 of mine will make your mind hard to find
Ignorant, the only sound I want to be hearing is
The lock on the safe go click-ickity-click
This is a bad feeling isn't it? Yeah, listen, bitch
Here is bag, get to filling it
Lady moved kind of slow like she forgot the code
Younger brother watch the clock, "yo, it's time to go"
He ain't leaving out this door without this pot of gold
Lock and load

[Verse 5]
The old owner's down stairs doing invoices
Seen the power go out, and he could hear noises
Knew what was taking place and had a little something
Of his own waiting for this situation
He came out bummages to show them what time it is
The guns are kind of big, but one ain't ever fired his
Aim ain't confident plus he got the power kick
Hitting all kind of shit except of what the target is
But old papa did just the opposite
Shots just ricocheting, "listen mister, isn't playing"
Kids made it out the spot, but he followed them
Nines still firing, sirens hollering
Police arrive and the younger twin dropped just then
The owner hit him in the collar and bodied him
Kemosabe isn't stopping
Continued throwing shots at the cops until the officers slaughter him
Damn, now who's suppose to tell grandma and them?

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