Soda Ash on my fruits-keep my jewels-shining too-I'm a Citral greasy goon-always in the Limelight too-OFD-Foods all you can eat-Moutain House in space thanks to the Mountain kings-I didn't want to let them get ahead and yoaked-off of my Eggroll-now them hoes is Broke Bites-still on da pole 4 life-no Us "What The Fung?"-the way I gave her my Magic Mushroom on hung-you won't be eating my space food why dey bugged-my bad Toad citch love to hop with my heart-I don't play da part-I gave her her fast start-on your marks-get set-go set hoes-when they ain't on they mark-feeling like a Jesus Apostle flowin near Markland in Eastside Los-I break bones I started with Mark and then? you already know-so on so forth and so-I put glory holes-for da Gloria loc-in glory hoes-befoe the pornos-I made them bleed like virgins call dem Atilla The Nun-I killed they ass so good I turned them into Atilla The Done-I'm ghetto & raw-breezys love my hard kettle ballz-my brave little tea kettle won't thaw-I'm on that Fox shit till da end of time-on that Murdoch no stepping down in this life-or the next life-I love to turn Yellow Happy Faces into Big Faces & burn them for fun-puff and puff-chase the smoke to La La L.And the turf in a blunt-no smokin that one-if only you could imagine my life where I'm from-even my enemies proud of me & what I become-I told them this rankin stankin shit is the last straw-like medeival times gillateen they head and jaws-it falls off unlike my head and balls-that's to immune to the hard head and jawz-what happend to your fire balls Chun Li?-you squirting pussy juice like all da Pornhub Squirt Queens-you ain't kiccing dat hot shit on me-I gotta wear Joccey boxer shorts obviously-my girl looking like My Little Pony on Molly E-with my magical unicorn horn-when she extend it feel the magic born-my other girl got ass like a Blacc Wild Stallion a American Pharaoahs dream-Triple Crown cuz of my other hoe lookin like da blacc Farrah Faucet on leak-16 Bit in they mouth on quiet-I master them when I freak em until they silent & violent-just give me a room full of bad blacc citches-call it my last ditches-you'll never hear from me again rippin-the style criccet-hoppin on dey britches-to da last switches-could be dippin-until dey need permenant butterfly stitches-in my Lady Poppilonz-we chuccin up the Platinum Triangle pointed to our Big Poppi God-I sleep with 2 white rabbits beside my bed-I feed them Killa Cali golden carrots from Eden-dipped in tef-they got tired of eating lead-I call them J & Max-they protect me in my East L.A Trap-I love it RAW like Smegal-like how I feed me gal-like a natural weasel-trapstar easels-that I paint when I pop pop so regal-Kings That Blast-K.T.B "Kreating Tha Brand" in 213-"Killin Them Bitches" that don't have my new money-I cook em space food so dey can be out of this world saucy-I spoon feed em with my Big Dipper oh so bossy-these lames been in da hat since the 90's 4 being phonie-only on Facebook are they the homie-what da fucc is dis a snitch ceremony-a bunch of bitch nobody's-tryna ta be big homie-but they never did shit fo me-you know I see some of the resting females on the L.A Homicide Report-I wish I would of freaked them more hardcore-then they woulda been the Ironwoman & survived with recourse-to bad they got swept away in the Lean Storm-I'm just playing of course-or maybe just some more-secrets Ima take to da morgue-I tought them how to Angel soar-I hope they watch over me from Heavens Door-they get rid of ya fast-like the dirty barking strap-make it dissapear it's Pluto after they blast-coldest blue steel-Omega Blue 4 real-don't be the next First 48-I'm just tryna concentrate on 100 verses a day-eat up deez traccs like Space Food-until the Big Face bloom-into the Root of All Good-100 or Nuthin "HONOR" the Root of All Hoods-I sent my ninjaz paper in the pen-we cut it up 500 plus magazine & newspaper subscriptions-new money old with books on top of it-with money orders & quarterly paccages, and electronics-bank deposits-and naw dey ain't my big homies so stop it-they Da Fam-I never had a job dats why dey call me Da Man-I sent them Space Food to Mars-I total recalled them bars-from the Mainyard-I gotta spit way 2 hard-I bring it from the gut the lard-the middle the medium wear I hold dem Hoodstarz-in my Good Jar-I do it for Bleakwood Park-Alpine Belvedere Monterey from da Holy Grails wood start-welcome to CrookL.And Avenue CrookMart-where we sell nuthin but crookz heartz-BK All Day it don't mean flame broiled or killing Bloods-it stands for da blocc BrookL.And Avenue cuhzz!-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

SPACE FOOD song meanings
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