Verse1. Spiderman swinging thru tha inner city doing his thug thang-smoking wit Mary Jane-on tha roof top flying high wit tha clouds like sky scrapes-all night long Mary Janes red hair is swingning thru my mind-like da vines-as I dissapear in a cloud of smoke scoping tha city thru twilight eyez-triccs or treat Happy helloween now tha headless horseman sayz I'm gonna slice-yo apple prepare to die-wit spidey sense-I manuvere from tha hover craft then I lay my blueprints-down and spin-my elaborate trap-picture that-as tha square takes tha yard bait-and tha precious Goblin crashed into tha side of tha building-right thru tha ceiling-
Chorus: Spiderman swinging thru tha inner city-fighting evil doers leave um stucc spun up & dizzy-Spiderman Spiderman Spiderman smoking wit Mary Jane-blazing wit Ms.Parka doing his thug thang-it's Spiderman Spiderman Spiderman
Verse2. Wit my radioactive spidey genes-hark I hear a scream-who should it be-but Felicia getting kidnaped off the streetz-by Morbius tha Vampire leech-flying on Devilz wingz-bacc to tha bat cave foe a late night snacc-but little did Vampz-know Spiderman was on his bacc-stucc to him like glue-wit no clue-Morbius tha Vampire succed and nibbled off more then he can chew-now he spun up like a cocoon-sleeping like a coma wit no continues-and no creditz glacoma-game over Chorus 2x's
Verse3. As I feel a vibe on my spiderweb and I hear a ring-and beep-who should it be-none other then my silky-operator Charlette my personal secretary-plugging me in connecting me-to my network of Sammy-tha Rat Kingz-and tha Queen Beez-that ring and buzz me-like honey Graham Bell now I gotta reach-out and touch somebody-I heard tha word from tha vine that Carnage was kiccing up dust-causing mayhem clicced up wit Venom-tha hazardous duo polluting tha city-desacrating spitting like poison spraycans setting a blaze burning buildingz-down like pepper spray macecanz-feel baccdraft-at 451 degreez-tha inner citys-sweating filled wit molten lava melting-357 Colt Python rounds as Venom iced out icicle bulletz-wit a frozen trigga finger when i pull it-dodging blacc talon poison clawz pyramid rounds-as Venom slashes wit liquid acid ginzu clawz and cuts by tha pound-carnage is heartless-doing fertilizer digging like a crush artist-on tha grave yard shift-but wit my rusty shovel like a ice picc-steam roll um like carcass-my sub zero icicle needlez freeze venom carnage to tha core-terminate tha vermin and astalavesta blobs revelate tha cold war- Chorus
Verse4. Now tha Doc Oct gots his tenacles tangled in my vines-connected to tha links tha networks of organized crime-succing tha life-out of tha city draining tha color out of tha sky-but wit my optic eye-spidey sense seez thru tha mastermind-wit my laced Kabuki deathmask I'm tha master of disguise-webslinging I spin tha Doc up like a tornado-I clean his cloccs just like Drano-when tha spiderweb and tha tentacles tangle-my toxic plasma just manglez-cut off tha Docs circulation and stranglez-hanging like a puppet he danglez-spun up boggled tha Octo is hog tied wrapped up by tha anklez-now tha stool pigeonz are singing- Kingpin master pinky ringing-pulling tha stringz and-they link ta tha creteens-who are linked to tha heavens-of demonz-in this mafia legion-of thugging and thieving-in this wasteland region-of 4 seasons-where niggaz get beating-until they purple and bleeding-now tha Kingpins hiding I'm seeking-his madmen are paranoid ticc tocc tweeking-sweating and reeking-while I'm spidey creeping-peeping-tha scenery emerald city of OZ seems-green to me-like tha evil gleam-of envy-in these fiendz-they aim they beamz-dead at my Kabuki-so I gotta X's marks tha spot-on tha dot-seal it wit tha widow's kiss-spread it-wit-some poisonous-buccshotz now my pin-is locced in-tha Kingpin's-lips-my Marbul bowling ballz on his chin-now magically tha Kingpin-metamorphasizes to tha queenpen Chorus 4x's

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SPIDERMAN(2003) song meanings
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