Spaceship Remix featuring Angel Haze
Me and Angel Haze fly saucier then all Spaceships-like all cancer patients we made sicc-we taught the Matrix-how 2 evade clips-you luccy if your bullets graze tricc-we got more stripes then all candy cane sticcs-these salt shaker haters hate this-cuz they aint rich-we make it rain pepper from our spaceship-we control the Game wit-our brains ticcs-our wristwatch is the Grand Father of Times clocc it's never off-get yo blocc knocced off-soon as you cross Angel & Kaz-our cold blue steele is Superman the Man of Steele-our Infra Blue Beams got X-Ray vision it see thru you then you get killed-this is Alien Vietnam Murdaville-me and Angel got that killer ice it's Glacius from Killer Instinct-we put you other Artists on mute with no resume now you Milly Vanilly Lip Sing-the Gypsy Militia we got so much cheese our tastebuds look like Planter's cheese balls and our toungue look like a cheese wedge-soon as we spit "Hot Like Fire" we melting all you Cheeseheads-we Chester The Cheetah's Twin-our saliva that we spit is Nacho Cheese Dip-me and my KiLL.A Divaz got so much cheese our pearls on our pinky rings is the Lunar Moon-we got so much chese and chips Frito Lay's WHO?-Forbes and Fortune 500 don't need to get a clue-our foes go down like bad stoccs on the Dow Jones-our stoccs go up like a trimester on boom we tractor plow green loads-we got more money packs then Green Dot-reloadable like our clips in the heat cocced-we got that Bugs Bunny Cali Gold 24 Carrot sticcs-that Space Jam Kush you high till you die with one hit-I'm moving famous keys like Linda Bird-I'm spitting seasame seeds cuz I got big buns for moving big birds-yall rythmes just Sesame Street and I'm stomping on them like Big Bird-my Snake Diamond Chain got more cutts then the Concrete Jungle-satelites is our speakers our Spaceship make the whole Universe Rumble-our colorful Rainbow Jewels are African Diamond Mines your's is just colorful M&M's-me and Kirby put you fools to sleep like Morphine & Methadone M&M's-we drop you and put you too sleep like a Oxycotin-me & Angel Haze aint got no eclipses in our Rainbow Stones-that sparkle like the sunlight when it blings on Kalidascopes-dropping colorful prizms on the tracc-they magical skittles that's been in God's hands-you don't taste just the Rainbow you also taste the Leperachaun's Pot of Gold-we keep the Murda Blocc sewed-from a cellblocc in da 4-the hottest point of Hell where it sizzle pops is my soul-our game the freshest like when soda pop tops pop and fizzle-call me Mr.Coca Cola Angel Haze is Classick we "The Real Ones"-we too hot make ya run for the ocean we kill suns-we too hot it's eternal sparks when we spit-we Apacalyptic Giants the Hubble Telescope is our microphone all you see is eternal stars when we spit-Angel Haze KazeLoon make it Raeen Drops-from the outer space tops-100 or nothing Big Face Don-Lunacydalz-Suicidal Rydahz-Gypsy Miltia killing all cyphers-we got the game on locc like all Penatentiary Lifers-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

Spaceship Remix featuring Angel Haze song meanings
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