SNAKE EYEZ(2003) Prod.By Joey Cutless
Verse1. Soon as you palm my tricc dice-feel the vibe-right down your spine-try to teedalee and hit seven but all you see is snake eyez-watch tha dice-transform right-before yo eyez-and come alive-metamorphize-to tha King of all evil thangs tha venomous poison cobra-once you loo into his penetrating stare then it's lights out glacoma-never to continue game over-hibernate and slumber up in tha darkest cocoonish coma-as yo soul slowly drifts off to nowhere-now you swimming thru a ocean-of potent-cobra acid venom-as your brain sails thru the treachorous trenchorus stormy weather-now you cursed expelled-to hell-baned to burn forever-to never reemerge-cuz you fell victim to tha dark hands of the devils dirty work
Verse2. Wake up at night soaked in my own sweat-hear tha rattle of tha snake steady chiming in my head-it's like I'm possesed-I got fitted suited and dressed-grab the Tek-strap on my tef vest-equipped wit plenty ammo on my chest-then I hit the jungle concreate like a Vietnam Vet-scoop up my Bonnie a.k.a Medusa-one look into her titanium stare turn yo soul into stone and seduce ya-and all do gooders-make yo life a nightmare and pursue ya-like Freddy Kruger catch ya-grab ya-grasp ya-in a anaconda deathgrip and do ya-paralized when tha King Cobra and Medusa strike-just like Bonnie and Clyde-we down to ride-to tha bloody venomiss end-for tha snake eyez nigga now feel the wrath of the serpents-
Verse3. Ima Third World Order sinner-so when you hear me slither-you know I'm getting nearer-let me make it crystal clearer-all you see is my poison venom hits ya it sizzles-yo skin and yo body whithers-tha acid burns like a molotov cocctail mixed with Abstinithe liquor-hot enough to melt tha coldest artic winter-and my heart pumps the blood that flows down tha dark rivers-that's why you shiver-and quiver-when you look into the depths of my snake eyez nigga

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

Snake Eyez (2003) Prod.By Joey Cutless song meanings
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