Verse1. Sky Drive in my Virgin Galactic Spaceship we made shit the Made Ones who say they the Shit you store like hoard I open up stores with my BOYZ like I did in the Level Three & Four my ninjaz open up everything we close whatever you bring if we don't feel your King & Queen like Gee Sky Drive & Ride High I stack up on Tera Bytes I'm so ill on the Mic The Terror Bites the ones who spread like Parkay on white bread becareful like Diabetics this might saw off your legs Cloud-9 hopping while these foul swine is dropping they anti pollen so I sent my Candyman Killah Bees at they offspring resurrect myself when I hotbox in Bob Marley's coffin no time to be coughing Nyquil got me feeling LEAN & forever young like newborn offspring
Verse2. Pimples and blemishes is haters & foes wash your face let it air dry your towel is full of germs,bacteria, and mold it will give you more red spots like fungi Red Mushrooms that grow in the mold unfold your napkin at the dinner table be clean like your dress code you are what you sport now a days the Gangs think so don't spill Ketchup or Blueberry Koolaid on your shirt it might get wetter and worse for better or for worse this marriage to the Earth until you fly high and Sky Drive to the next level of the game the next higher plain planes got altitude cause I let them fly with my brain filled with Jet Fuel and LEAN Killer Tomotos Italian Job Mottos Black Hand models looking crispy like Big Ben reborn out the Virginia Mint Press freshly steamed, inked and pressed in his Sunday best like The Preacher's Wife in her best Sunday Church dress
Verse3. Drive on the sky why ask why why the whirlwind floats by time ain't on your side if you don't pay it mind mind over slime be careful what you seek once you find what you looking for you might regret that you reached security breach the Hourglass get washed up by the sands on the beach I teach that LEAN a new begining to everything serene I dream of Genie naw the Genie dreams of me more Abiscus to counts colorful Rainbow Beads sought by the thieves essence is Biology Life is to succeed bugged eyed off trauma that you don't want to bleed it hurts just to see I peep the def of perceive greed is agony it will get you the misery the same thing that you been running from when you were winning good looks and money don't achieve the finer things on the streets unless you can paint a beautiful scene and fill it up with your dreams that you used to fein to see when you sleep

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