Verse1. Call me Raymond I make it Rain Man Mr.Cruise my partnah with Top Guns we cruise and night stalk yeah make it rain to the Max with Cherries I bond pop Virgins create new spawns upper echelon I water Forrestlawn on near Brand cuz I'm real like that chill with Macs who smoke ill sacs and plot another fuccin trap for a rat pack with fat kraft packs everyday in East L.A making rain is mandatory lay some new dirt up on the derty fert miracle grow work and water the thirst since birth is how we parlay everybody loves Raymond we Rai Sun God Made Men rain we make it rain clouds we shake them we might bake them cook them up in a jar make them pure white what we cook is such a sure sight we rain on manure on sight Fertile Crescent no need to mention Westsapotamia Henchmen make it forever rain the thirst we quench it
Verse2. Everybody hates Chris anti I spit Joker Venom piss on every cloud 9 make acid rain when I get it cracka lacking like Bane Batman backs crack fast like bats to backs like powder to cane on the Devil's propane on the hottest point of hate in Hades The Evilest Place trade game with Zeus lighting bolts shock souls when we kill H-20 and electrify the globe one of my favorite marbles in my bag of collectables that also contains collect souls and made bones scones and drones on blow magical hydro and rare stones that you only see when I let them glow in the Sun's bulb they make sparkle look so dull annul the foes who don't roll melt there skulls and bones with Lava Rain from the top of my dome volcano loc is what they call me when I Lean Flow
Verse3. Rainman I drown him when I spit Lava Rain acid rain is too plain two face snakes get ate by my water moccasin snake gang that live in poison snake lakes shake lames evade dames that don't play in the rain made brains trained to wash pain with the cerebellum free rain dry souls say free me Kaze spit another Wetside verse and water the Dryland on the Earth I clean up every dirty curb when I burst Fountain of Life water Sherm mixed with the Gift anti Black Curse hoes monks are there purse M.O.E.T drown that when we spit spat Rainman they say we love ya to death just like Raymond Mr.Romano big cheese by the El Guapo No Stoppo just Lost Souls I free them when I pop syllables non stop doe like the Guap Flow how you think the Derty Ferty got so grown on fertile the richest soil no foil just Urainium Souls on GO

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