Verse1. Paper Route get paper without a doubt of the ego I leggo with Lego's ducking the bloody rain of dead foes Fat Farm full of Prego's that's how I get bones Top Dawg Maxavelli hit the back door with Lil Joe we gone metal detectors won't be decting the precious metal that I digested in the Beast Belly no X no map no word no rap just trap till you fat get that big scratch like every alley cat on a rat like Gorilla Fights with Hood Rats good ass is good cash good scratch and good bands make it bounce rock roller skate like rolled dough the more yeast the better get it big Proffessor Klump's on sweezol pop them bands like bands of weasels Picasso easel paper boy special deliveries that's how we roll and ball like Paper Boys passed that on Gameboy been early trained boy you knew this 24-7 got that M.O.ET in the flute trick we shoot this in crews bitch so don't try to ruin shit if you do you have no clue of what me and my homie Maxavelli came to do
Verse2. Max route paper by the ass now the last route went down closed it then opened up at the same time no trace to the prints L.A Times Edition on my Bee tip gave Herald the Tribune thats how I Bellflower bloom from the womb the cocoon till the free world butterfly zoom Pappilon dropping 27 Swan Bombs Loon Flip the sky the ocean's mirror image Blue O-Zone good ridance hood living that's good living if you can't take pain you shouldn't be sinning we chop up that paper Bleakwood Cripping Original East L.A M.P behind may Bee Hive Gang honey comb getters spider web those pretenders end them in the Deadend Vendetta beefrienders we befriend them play nice and stay live get paid and live right that's the take on life the Made Pride stay safe and sound in the brain and in the mind cut that lame line like a prank caller hang up and block that like foul thoughts of drug induced deception stay clean like your green gave up smoking weed gave me to many allergies like the fabric on P.I.A state clothes no parole no probation I'm ready to Clock N Load
Verse3. Wake up bake up Rainbow Cookie dough Keebler Elves my helpers magical M&M's fresh out my secret dresser move without a sound suppressor why cause I already silenced the pressure in the air blessed with the flare to do it all Nature Boy now a Nature Father I chop up my forrests I'm grimey I still be eating poorage I Clock N Load while the hustlers be snorng fucc kicking down doors Rip I do Armed Robbery Legit 211 Brooklyn Side Crooklyn 4 Life who needs to steal or hold steel I'm the Cryptonite Man Of Urainium Steel take to the crainium dollar bills VanderBill Paper Boys Library of Congress rejecter boy I got my own script to official for your optics Third Eye wants it so I save the best paper for him I wake up never I sleep when I don't get cheddar and that's never I deserve this Paper Route I worked my whole life trapped in between prison stripes black and white no living in color free world so now that I got out I'd like to stay out shooting all the marbles out with my pearl

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