Verse1. L.A Hoodlum's good thugs true to the good ones I don't even ask why the good die young I know why I grew up with Killer's my life and Drug Dealers that peddle um we hard core Uranium metal thugs on Go Getter Plus heavy metal protecters sewn in our sweaters bruh on some Penitentiary National Geographics that Lean Music our National Anthem imagine if you didn't deal or kill and get cracked you could of brang them 2Pac sells and broke the Soundscan R.I.P Pac Undisputed Monroe looking like Wesley Snipes in your mugshot you showed the whole globe it's a trip Thug Life if only you know I had bought Makaveli then went to jail in 1997 the last album I bought was 2Pacalypse then I paroled and went home 2010 December almost 2011 it's a cycle going backwards like how I rap words and make the track go backwards that's how we clock the first and last word life is funny and makes you wonder like if Chris Brown wouldn't of hit Rihanna he would of brang them Michael Jackson R.I.P sales no problem
Verse2. I'm a real L.A Hoodlum grew up in the hoods slums grew up to no good to young majority of people that buy Rap/Hip Hop Albums is White but that ain't no excuse to blame White People because you can't sell cause you trife 2Pac is the stereotype breaker holds the most Rap/Hip Hop Albums sold and he's been R.I.P but this is almost 20 something years later I guess it's a real Hoodlum's niggaz nature to hate ya cause you a undercover player hater that be faking to make it I don't colabo right now closed my studio so I don't care loc if they doing bad that's on them why would people want to buy your shit anyways it should be free just like flem what we spit I give it out for free I don't want the world's money too many good people living crummy I can relate grew up with nothing but Slum Kings & Slum Queens Hoodlum Family music is music that is what it is if you don't splash it with you custom craft that is all it is I ain't never had a job but I still ball like the rich like I'm Asian Bumpy Johnson in this bitch me and the Fam Bam multi millionaires I can't hate people shit I'm rich
Verse3. Risky Business ain't worth it if the risk is for certain if your uncertain then why let it surface keep it in the vault for another day Another Country awaits the stakes are way higher then this everyday Chess Game we call today call me Asian James Baldwin Asiatic Donald Goines the new Dean Koontz or Stephen King I spit bars that shrink larger then life I'm never hard ta find you just ain't looking or blind I get swamped within off that green Swampman way back when the game of Rap was really Rap not this New Wave shit where if you weren't a stick in the Top 40 Bubble Gum Pack you don't even stand a chance on the Street Side they get chewed up real fast that's the real deal facts at hand I paint it Black and move shit like Bumpy Johnson and keep the real fans addicted to my Heroin Black Tracks laced with Black Tar Smack I'm the conducter of the Soul Train on the Heroin Junkies tracks the new Don Cornelious back riding with K.D Aubert from Soul Plane to the new Soul Train through the L.A Hoodlum L.And

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