Faith In The Flow Lou The Greatest
I give colorful hoes that big airhead-when I chew them up & stretch them out like colorful Airheads-I'm Duke Nuking my freestyle lugies that I spit are True Blue Hadukens-I'm the cesspool of Akuma,Ryu, & Ken-kicking freestyle fireballs like Chun Li-I'm every Street Fighter on me-I got them colorful Tropical jewels-hotter then baked Hollacaust Jews-I'm True Blue to the skin like Avatar-I'm taking niggas Avatars-I'm taking they deals and cards-I got script like Michael Bay-I got that interstate game from Diego to L.A and O.C to The Bay-from I.E San Bernadino-to Sac Town to Reno-The New Social Reform-is born-soon as I spit hardcore-that's when my Lion Heart roars-I'm the King of the jungle floor-with the biggest bundle score-what did you fumble for-trying to stop my Hustle and Flow-how the fucc you gonna say-you the Master of The Game-with a fake diamond a cubicserconium with a red Koolaid blood drop-you got minus 100% as your back drop-the best wordsmiths-don't got a word on my shit-they worthless-I get paid everyday like all workshifts-I got sticky fingers black Onyx tar on slam on my fingertips-Ima star like Freddo you get cancer with one hit of my shit-this aint Moesha I roll with Blowesha-that's my R&B Queen-soon as she sings-we going Diamond instantly-like Folgers Instant Coffee beans-I paroled and brang 14-I been down since 14-I leave fucced when I bust nuts like Pornhub-I got the overflow like a clogged up bathtub-turn you into one of the victims in the Book of Blood-Ima walking Jukebox-I got all the Jew guaps-so much shine you gotta recklessly eyeball and squak-I stay tight like mane to braids-laced in Murray's orange can pomade-I get good brain top S.A.T score shit-from raw hoes with good mane with the deepest hair roots Devil's armpits-I'm the first core like Garden Eden Apple seed pits-but Ima Hellboy I bleed River Styx water secretions-bullshit is talk-business walk-call me Dominoe-I'm smoking Ghetto Jam with baddest hoes-they give there sweet potatoe pie-then I give them a piece of my mind-I'm spitting liquid G.H.B-at my enemies putting them to sleep-I got a big stick like Babe Ruth-hoes give me retarded head like Sloth and eat my Baby Ruth-Ima giant I ride the highest always with my head out the sunroof-my game the coldest call it sunproof-you can't see me like a Amazon Jungle sloth-I'm way to silky like the food of all moth's-my exclusive beats are for free yours is bought-you add to your cart with no pause-I just add it to my Carte Blanche-aint that something-talk shit and I'm busting-the secret formula of Nyquil & Robatussin-you stank like Vodka like Russians-you gotta be drunk to be fuccin with me and cold blue steele plated combustion-I'm the Phantom Ghost Writer of the Industry-cuz all the other artists mimicking me-spitting my raps-that I been had written on Prison Canteen notepads-we tackle they ass like no touch and no pads-they borrowed my jewels from my dome man-I'm hitting hoes fresh off the Greyhound on parole-doggystyle like Astro-I'm to fly the boss like Mr.Spacely jets are my sons-my bars flying cars like in the Jetson's-these lying ass lames aint no serial killers the only thing they killing is Kellogg's,Post, and General Mills-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

Faith In The Flow Prod.By Lou The Greatest song meanings
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