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I got a room full of Sebor Liquor then them Insane Hoes dive in Brandy say she just wanna watch-some Pink Panties with some extra whip cream brown sugar all around to hit the spot-I beat it up so sicc-got there monkeys looking like the harry Zicam commercial monster on drip-and that’s with a dud not with a fat rip-stupid balling Dumbo-Mutumbo-got me forgetting how to speak languages with they bumble-Queen Bee crown got me buzzing like I’ll never fall or fumble-hoes ain’t good for nothing but sucking-fcking-then punting-hit em Foo Doggystyle -like a cross breed cross between Lion and Top Dog wild-opposite of Snoop Corn Dogg-the top Pussycat Doll out da broads-type of Leva Loco to hop on his pink My Lil Pony bike and stunt-hit the hills of Ridgecrest with no seat bouncing on the metal stem like a punk-these phonie Westcoast homies-should of tried to sign me while I was on lock-then they wouldn’t of fell off and flopped-first they pinch then they grab a little rub-then a bump-then they flip then they flop-like my Boy Gypsy told me in 2002-just like my blacc bruh Gypsy told me in 09 and 10 it’s true-just look at these wacc Westcoast rappers-bumping they dicc flappers-only booty they clapping-they sales going down the crapper-fake trappers-afraid to take the jail bait then a cellmate like a RAW factor-that’s why they pussy ass tried to do some acting-they didn’t need no script they natural Actors-good for staging and stunting and then getting hit by the Taxers-ODA LAY Vatos you LEVAS R not West Happening-you pussies don’t want no static how you gonna get it cracca laccing?-desperate smutt-you look like a dirty rat not a Doberman mutt-all them snitch rumors now you wanna all of a sudden colabo with everybody punk-you won’t be riding shotgun-with this True Thug-I don’t wanna worry bout you tryna succ-the stick shift & my dicc at the same time ya punk-what happend to your BUZZ?-this is a Man’s World you ain’t BUZZIN-just look at your Discogs in this Crip World you sho ain’t CUZZIN-I’m the real MACC MAK 11 DA FOXX-you’s a chiccen head running from niggaz with your head cut off-niggaz fucc with you dey been fell off-stay away from snitch ass Snoop-if you wana sell & be cool-out of the Westcoast Gangsta Rappers he is the biggest Flop Artist TRUE-you add up your last 9 albums you still coming up shorter then 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me-& Life After Death by Biggie-it seems that your fan base of fleas-have gotten off your N-U & T’S-you’s a California Girl your heads incredible-niggaz be like the Damu’s & your food Snoop Corndog oh so edible-pardon me do you have any Heinz Ketchup?-I hate to put you on blast pup-but real niggaz don’t fucc with bitch ass snitch ass Snoop-just look at your last 9 albums who did you fool?-you need to colabo with other Stars just to shine-quit stealing they spotlight-quit stealing they shine-you got on your Discogs 127 singles-couldn’t even sell to much except with your Katy Purray jingle-once you go Pop you can’t stop just like Pringles-you R&G (Rhythm & Gaysta) your fans went to sleep with Rip Van Winkle-you ever Ho Ho Ho just ask Chris Cringle-your star don’t twinkle twinkle-because to many real people been saying you finkle finkle-now your music stinkle stinkle-you been needed Dr.Dre cause your albums ain’t been doing to good-is it cause you been hiding in the Hills of Chino a White hood?-I bet the residence said the cow shit smell got worser ever since you moved there Poop Doggy Dog-why obvious you a big ole piece of shit & a ranking stanking fraud-Huggie Boy in real life K-Turd 101 you dirty ass broad-bitch how could you?!!!!-hiding in them white hills of Chino for all them years-while I was smashing niggaz from Paso Robles to Mad Chad from Y.T.S Chino in my younger years-I spent all my time in prison Level 4 180 status except for a week in D.V.I Tracy-then I caught a attempted murder beef-in Westhall cell 223-the 837 Crime Incident Report said I wig splitted my celly-we call it Gladiator School it’s domain is Da Beast’s Belly-to bad you didn’t sign me while I was in prison you was to busy being jelly-if you woulda been like Suge & I was Pac your albums sales wouldn’t of been so smelly-you know I got them multi diamond credits coming that’s why you really jelly-Snoop Corndog you so scary you couldn’t never smell me-you need some Mustard said the DJ your not a Hotdog just a big weiner-the disses keep coming how you fell off the Westcoast needs me-come on Snoop Corndog your a Doggy Angel dreaming-of big ole Milkbones scheming-I heard you tried to pop at T-Foxx yeah your really California Dreaming-more like Saved by The Bell even Screech compared to you is more meaner-& Lisa wouldn’t let you smoke some Turtle-I guess you Carlton waiting for Will to give you the Blacc Book-you Simperiffic citch I know your wife I could leave took-tap dance on these nutts like you did on The Devils Roof-that’s why you was passed baked-assed out The Game-with no Juice stucc in the last lane-while I spit GAS on you from the FastL.Ane-& your next album Bush you don’t have to worry about coming down-from this cloud-your album sales won’t be going up no they gonna continue to go down-you ain’t got no POWER you succ like Downtown Julie Brown-I see-you need a shot of LEAN-because your only real flow was “WET”-I guess because you spit & squirt like a Pornhub pussy on decc-you make the Wicced Wild West look bad you made niggaz turn right not LEFT-you so fake that’s why so many people all over the world hate on DA WEST-you a Westside Buzz Killer Fo Realer-lucky for Da Real Westside Homies I got out of Prison & started ShoeMaster dealing-at my ES Ghetto Casino open to the world-exclusively to all the real producers who want me to lace they beats with my PEARL-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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