She say she want biz ima show her what da show like-throw the biz in the Tiger sacc and show her the Big Show Life-to many tosses over the ropes so eagle fly-with blacc pen stripes-these pistons on my Reebok Pumps will still hold ya down-like a dirty pistol or pump found-like this Ghetto Life where the sidewalks pissed on in the slums in da town-droppin Phizers in piss stalls like sugar in mud to get cloudz-can'tafford Tweek so it's stolen pills and coffee by da pound-I bring L.A bacc-like after Magic got red cracc-the die slow that ended the Magic Man-with no magic hat-like Kobe and Shaq-with no cut or hacks-like King James Worthy-unlike how James was feeling unworthy-after the bacc to bacc went front to front-with no one-to assist um-with the Eightballs by the ton-like a pun with no one-to run with under the sun-no word to tricc the seers like readers-and slow anti magic believers-the lovers of D Leaguers-who hate NBA MVPers-because they made it to reach before the star reachers-could shine for the seekers-to be mesmerized by the sheeners-make believers-are trained deceivers-out to brainwash the brain of achievers-before they are made thinkers-with no need for the head crazed shrinkers-you could smell the unsalt-soon as I Waltz in the room-what's a civil lawsuit-that you cannot lose-they doom-it's the Big Show in the court room-my Geo Rocc is Locc Lips and a Big Mouth Skullface-like Yoshi to the Mad Bomb with a sour coldface-the way Ally wears those blue dazzy dukes-got her looking like my Baby King Cobra with the Bluedevil Duke-so fast the way she burn you-in a cloud of smoke too-I just seen on Live P.D Michael Brown's ghost-he came out the store with a red jersey and remember those Swisher Sweet's loc?-and oh boy had the Marijuana scales in the Richland with a lot of dough-I roccet like Asap-way to fast-on the Gas Ave-until Ken's doll can't stand-like Kendall needing some feet implants-if Riri ever do me wrong then I'm slam her wall to wall-have her wishing she stayed with Chris like Original Homo Balls to his jaws-no wonder how Chris gets up there and Vampire flies-I know he loves Sonic but Tails can't get up that high-I know he drew that yellow airplane but that Tailspin been died-like some Anagola Abola Big Pola but hold the fries-if the Happy Meal toys tried to commit suicide-they would of gave Chris the 7 Streeter no millimeter then would of jumped with a parachute-gone in the breezy like his loot-fair exchange family jewels for for the Devils sac and he the jewel-a fake Germ man that is really a skinny no Lean Jew-Gas Chamber showers opposite of the immortal Blue Lagoon-the dirty things a bitch nigga will do-just to try and fit and smooch-and be cool-with the fruits-on the Hanes rejects Jimmys Group-just waxy fruit of a loom-for some real parachute pull-like 2 diccs coming at you-ripcord action that I won't be seeing-Ima Criplord all I do is Cee it-they wish to da master-and got played by the Wishmaster's-it's ironic who stays at the Century Towers it looks like a big ole dicc-cuz she look like the best piece of clit-it should be Chris-like his two lips-are the two buildings that look like twins-and you know what the tongue is?-a 2000 blocc Century posted on his chin-with the top spin-of the Kamikaze whirlwind-the Y2K Gin-I got your wish bitch-done anytime you wanna catch it-pull up and get smashed quicc-I'll flush ya snitch-like a piece of shit-a wanna be Bape logo but just a little red chimp-a Beahorse nig-ridin his own shit-on bart simp-livin in a cart of shrimps-you clammed up on me while I be on Hammel Hands Mantis Hoodstar Shrimp-while my Moby Dicc continue to Park Pimp-the shark fin-then be with da Rude Girl at 9380 Sierra Mar Drive doing it-to active with it on ribbed-no Hatfield no Jimmy's can fit this-I'm Asian 2pacapimp on Big-you see the big toilet bowl swimmin pool a perfect way to swim so rich-in the shit-and get lost like Atlantis meets Brooklyn ave and Atlantic-I dig the Freemason briccs-how they free Jason's shit-opposite of Jason goes to Hell-like growing up in a Level 4 180 cell-where you go to a deeper hotter part of Hades when you bail-and that's just to go to court to the County Jail-to sit in a holding cell-and fight your case with no bail-like division A 1 A's the prisoners Holy Grail-now bacc to Chrissy the Alkida Bombers he wished was the Century Tower-next to the mini Twin Towers-he just hungry though not tryna save the world from The Black Thangz Powers-the Red Yoshi like Barnes Park and Roselyn Place-my partners in the city cuz we protect the people and the paves-we get around from Whittier Narrows, to Los Padrinos, to Ascot Hills Park,-like Tupac riding Yoshi from light to Killuminati dark-I wash my Tupac Man Mobile at Bob's Hand Car Wash-then I take my hungry odd freaks to Bob's Bigboy there thirst is long like Eaton Wash-then we me and my Twoface Yoshi Stallions dip to Bob's Freeze-next to Pomona and Via Corona until the Avalanche Cool Crown at ease-what's a Mad Dog to a Cold World Huskie-always off the leash?-clicked up with them Garfield Bulldogs we running the 213-on the East-I'm not like Min the way these hoes climb my Everest and share a con-all heart all King blood of a Alien go say a prayer to this Con-like I'm Viacom-that's what desperate lames do they bow down to a bigga nigga then you-could ever produce-and you know Trolls live in fantasies with big Black Things-Orks, Ogre's, Dragon's, Sea Monster's that sort of thing-no Yoshi we real as real can be-lost yo bitch and toll-for being a backstabber & R-Code-funboy bitch get off the Jimmy Eyeball Vine-you sugar coated kling-thing-a Fern Ave big ole woody yo Jesus Piece-put them little Klingerman & Fern Ave matches away-what is some sticcs to a Hangman Pimp-always wit a Bad Gal Bitch-you just a punk on the L no vis-She got game more like she got the game for his shit-like 5 shots in the Weedhouse make a Bellflower go up in a piff-no Fidler Ave & Rosecran's the only spot you know is Tam's ya bitch-now take your rope off my dicc-and quit tryna hang ten on it-surfs down Whiteboy you a weirdo since a kid-ironically you look like yuk tryna always lynch on a brothas dicc-you scared of Care Bears & My Lil Ponies or of Yoshi and your set or click-you see you the Redwood we the Blue-Bleakwood Brooklyn Avenue-no diss to da real Homies wearing Red or Blue-I had to keep dissin them bitch fools-and expose they snitch asses out there for you-to examine and thoroughly view-you know I love Ramen's me and Cuck-our chopsticcs is Fern & Klingerman Ave our crew-these hoes sittin on me to lopsided like a fake Mother Goose-I'm the real Fabrege Egg the Gem BloodRed Da Proof-you seen the rex I sky?-with the Trust Your Light?-it's the Rawhead Rex that fell from the Ufo Skies-all in her mouth my pride-the Book of Blueblood-I'm labeled a Black Messiah-for taking out the racist white germy dog of a liar-the fraud already retired-we can't have a scary ass Hitler leading Da Game of Rap-so I put him and his group in my Mastered Ju frame n trap-I took they stake and they claim off the map-I get high fives like from Cylde the Glide from way bacc-like I'm the Laker coach they wanna be like Mike from the Alpine I LAnd-you gonna die with the blazer or Hotrod Stan-right in your hand-a Smaug Dragon Queen celebrating hiding in protected eggs yo whole life thanks to Birdman-like the eagle Jimmy and Dre of Oriole Way to Em or Feminem-we might put the apple on his head then practice with the 45 Eagle-with my poppin Weasles-but Hollygrove your peoples?-but then why you move to Florida faster then Katrina could sweep fools?-you moved to Miami like Murderin I a Major Issue but scared to heat pull-like we run this from L.A to L.A this is not mere studio easels-the weak hoes-he be givin the bean pole-are mad cuz I blocced em and deemed foe-way to trifling for this Lean Loc-didn't let them ignite and and blast off with my Tooty Roccetz Chemp smoke-I got a new Old Spice but a old flame-a new Odie to slob on da Master of Da Gamez Cane-I touch my Luccy Geo Rocc good thangs happen-like deciphering Rochester now who's laughing-not those fake Red Pirates they treasure I've been trappin-took they pies now who mackin?-bacc to the Belvedere Lake Boot-the twin of Irondequoit Bay all Blue-I got the Key to the Bank and this Music Game-now they need some Goodwill but you been retired lames?-ya burned me like Dunn Tires but I got your stage-I'm in the Eastway Manor the Garfield Inn all day-counting your grains-now in our Hourglass on AB INSANE-my Piers are number 1 we import and trade-no baccstabbing our peers that's just a part of the way-we play together everyday-I got my rings bacc from Smigel and now the treasure from Loki-my Bad Gals kissin them clean like Delta Sonic Car Wash Company-like my rings is Audi's-with Olympic Golden Halo's that fit only me-T-DOLA the real Goat God King of this Music Industry-I been Triple Diamond Way shinin doing my thing-around the early 2000's going on 15-Hideaway if you want to I got Barnum Way with me-they worship my Jade Tree-Blacc Harley Clown looking freaks-a Circus Circus theme-where i squirt in they mouth the Fountains of Lean-and blast off to the top prize-I flip em in the middle while eating some Mc Donald's fries-I'm Big Mak 11 Da Foxx Tonite-they always cherry happy no sob brand life-I got the Empire by the Blvd sewed up like Bay and Creek Streets-the same thing for Brooklyn Ave and the Bleak-it's all Pies on Me-like All Eyez on Me-I live my life as a Pimp Thug until the day I can't feel my pipe-I live my life like a Bossplayer the 309-Fortune is in my eyez-I got the M&T Bank on locc-your banks is really empty on drop-that's why they sad on da A nonstop-Ima smart Raven Jail Bird Edgar Allen Poe's advisor for his ink dots-and poetry thoughts-I freestyle to fast who needs to jot?-straight from the Gas Ave Blocc-we movin Big Rigs in this Industry like what's a flop?-they hate us Baba Kids so much until they Albert Fish flopped-rest in peace to the victims of Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary that dropped-gotta watch-out for the green eyed evil emerald roccs-of the snake ain't no tellin when it will pop-it's like the Boogeyman under the scenes of innocent flocks-hiding in the closet next to your old gym soccs-like Mr.Hyde who be gone off Sherm Water who will flip on da spot-a Rampage Killer with AR 15's as 22 gloccs-in his soccs-a Sherman way to lose your top-like living above Hollywood Hills,Bel Air above Beverly then losing your guaps-for messing with T-DOLA's crops-do not pass go my friend right bacc to the Eastside of Hollywood or them Beverly Blvd bloccs-or stucc in Salem's Lot-like a snail in a pot-about to be food for the General Jail Pop-if they catch them out they cell unlocced-just a lost forgotten number with no mail on got-good lookin out Succer Butts when it comes to hay bales dats a lot-just on chester status on fail no ROC-kiss them Hills goodbye they about to be the next sale to Kaz-like Winkler Mills my new spot-ya feet failed ya lops-winning in Civil Court is our only option failures not-like getting away from dumpin Garbage Pail Kids dat pop-and you'll be praying for Staten Island's rot-while your servin life for your fake 5th Family Conspiracy on rot-like the traccs John Henry Sledge Hammel rails we got-on locc-now lose yourself in your breakfast a big ole Jimmy Idean COCC!!!-that wiggles like Dexter ya but then no cuz you caught-you see Dexter is just a T.V show just formulated by transparent thoughts-connected by the blood dots-LA LA LA LA to something other then Bundy Drive's bloody block-you wanna pay big hay-for big Mr.Ed's big old talking thang?-it couldn't be The Joker's Hey cuz you didn't get away-the White Knight's is tamed-the White Pointers is stucc in my Crazy Glue Tube owned by AB Insane-L7 squares permanently glued to a paint-that I made-with the Last Lost Druid's stains-with Elmer Fudd's Glue-ya'll can't fucc with me Looney Tune's-now go to sleep no Legend of Sleepy Hollow-ya'll Ghost Horse's can't see daylight of tomorrow-City of Angel's where Devils surely follow-these Seabiscuit traccs steppin on Ghost Ships-now Ghost Boat's to American Pharaoh for da win-

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