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She was feelin post trauma when her man didn't get picced up in the draft-cuz she succed and swallowed all dat-just to settle for ass-over cash-then she label you a sham-and she'd rather roll with spam-like musobi-cuz she hot like Wasabi-she post trauma no probably-I'm as real as I think-you can obviously tell by my freestyles on Lean-two faced Harvey's praying for the People's Court-we already left that big dent in they score-and I'm still live on Eastside 213 scene-The Mob Zone like TMZ-the way we doing it on the blocc rip-will blow you out the coccpit-and your soccs quicc-like Vanilla Sky mixed with Blue Dreams-I'm versatile-every verse is good like Da Green Isle-I keep a million dollar smile on if I'm trying to get paid-I keep a men mug on my face-if I'm trying to go bacc to the cage-as a inmate-of the state-these other Labels gonna have to come around the mountain and pay me sooner or later-I don't smoke cigars just haters-same for fakers-everybody want a slice of the Pizza Connection on aviator-they call me Chino Brown I control Blue Jacc City-nuttin but true Bumperjaccz strictly-just to supply the crew with gas on ditty-I'm a True Blue Kiwa only red I had growing up was in the FB County pants-and the Dickie's & Ben Davis Gorilla tags-you better jump like a Battletoad on them plea bargains especially anything with half-if not suffer and you might turn into a rat-trying to claw his way bacc to the homeland-they ask me smash or pass I tell them both-hit it like a blunt don't babysit loc-they said they gonna play The God-I said okay Ima send you to God-then you can play with him all you want-and tell him I send mines what he need what he want?-them hoes should have eternal head trauma the way they succed KazeLoon-they swallowed my balls like a Loon-ain't no harpoon-could ever pop they red balloon-we so cold we hurt your bones-and have ya feeling goofy rolling on the floor-opposite of stop, drop, and roll-we can't be around Rihanna-her nipples will be on Alpine icicle and pop out eyes with trauma-all the baddest females love to KISS me like if I was Seacrest-it's cuz I got the best flow to keep them eternally wet-they wanna be burried under my Hollywood Walk of Fame Star near Vine and Sunset-they call me Ryan-the way my big dipper rams them like Orion-with my 5th Wave I take over they bodies-freak em so good they bulls no Gravano ironically they call me Asian John Gotti-they Ratheads-that are Kraft fed-with my magical 8-Balls they ass is my King of Hearts fat bed-they don't want me to be the Movie Director to many fast deaths-and short scripts with no awards to get-balling with the cluster of stars-Casiopia by far-on time with Casio save those other ideas with the tank of sharks-no time to waste on products that might not trend start-they got Panaphobia cuz this Hellboy is so Evil Los-I tell them to cool off you need anti Fanaphobia just to survive this Hellacoust-I'm on the move like Emergency Room on the Go-I never work like Ergophobia cuz I'm to busy putting in work for my own-my hoes so bad with all dat cracc-I put them in the corner for life it's Lil Jacc's-Pizza Shacc-I got the juice like James Springette-the way I'll escape when they spring it-they slept on me the way they zipped me up in the mat-but dissapear as a Chesire Cat-never no rat-bacc to the Green Island Boyz in the East LAnd-on Brooklyn-I'm flippin 72 Dolphins so undisputedly-while I'm sippin on Port of Miami mixed with Lean-on triple ripple beam-that you gotta name a team after me-I relish the moments-how I got them hoes hellcats on Relic roaring-while they ass and pelvis is soaring-I'm Hollywood-I got niggaz dropped below me like Bollywood-or even Nollywood-all thanks to Mollywood-on Hollyhood-you need a Tic Tac hoe-that's why I cross em out like Tic Tac and Toe-3 hoes in a row-3 Tigers that caught the tag on they toes-there's a difference between Lifers and brothers with a date how they talk about stuff-a brother getting out be like I can't wait to hit Sizzler's and grub and then go to Balley's at 11:50 and get pumped-a Lifer be like I'm trying to go bacc to Atascadero and hit The Grill and then go to the gym and buff-at least I got 11.50-I used to be on that William Defoe Platoon shit-high all day on them gluesticcs-busting on fools quicc-with the stolen tool grip-but I used to be running after busting on them-I had to be the enemy for that with the Tec-good thing I was only 13 or less-what could they do to a Westside Vet?-nothing but Juvenile Life I already served the time in the Y and Da Pen-for the mess-I couldn't of been tried as an adult what fitness?-like fucc can I get a witness-I tell bad super rich famous bitches you could succ my dicc all you want to ain't no need to front-you just pay me in advanced right upfront-then I pass da Asiatic Blunt-if you don't keep it one double Oh-you better stay away from me cuz dats what da clip hold-and these are 50 cals they not made for a glocc-they made to go straight through Pentagon bloccs-you couldn't be ready for me-nobody's ready for the end of the world in 3D-Capacalypse Now-how I freestyle from Da Crown-for Tha A-Town-dat represents the golden halo so proud-I bring the Mt.Baldy to the hottest bitches baccbones-like the Devil's Backbone-with my yello blacc bone-they will be bald from stress and heated if I take it out they baccholes-permenant post trauma-for my loced out baby mama's-with burnt perms on ash from getting hotter-why you wanna come into the Lion's Den then get made when he roar?-and you ain't even no Lion just a Dandylion that don't make no noise your to soft to the core-I will be in Hollywood Hills doing the rest of my good time in The BIRDS-I tell them bullshitters save that bad time for the birds-if a bitch choke on my dicc like asphixaiation-I didn't even know I was too busy working on the standing ovation-I'm raking in this green like Falen Green Road-that's how I stay in Da Game like Arcadia with many green loads-to blow-times 4-20 weed blow-these prices have me rolling it went from Zillow to Comedy Central-what ares these homes the first houses on Mars? where the Wi Fi is Alien Mentals?-me and my fine ass city Kitty Cats-live in Los Gatos where they meow until the Ocean overflow & splash-or maybe we in La Jolla making Happy Meals-they triple on these Ronald Big Mac Donald eating me up like the number 1 Extra Value Meal-they love my blacc & yellow Bumble Bee ride-like if I was a Asiatic Jehrimah-I Macabees-that's how I mac dem bees-forever eternally hell yeah man-they connected to my Mecca like Yemen-they destroyed my First Temple-I got the Water & Power as I overtower like the Bunker Hill Building near First & Temple-me and my Mexican partnahs used to sell drugs for the 18 Streets-killing that Multiple Sclerosis like MS but no dis to the Mara Salvadorian homies-God will still let the Hero in 24-7-you don't have to be a rat to get to Heaven-my body is covered with that Blacc Tar Ink-I'm working on the Marvelous Venom Suit I still got the Liberty Bell who needs to fink?-surly not me-obviously-the missing paperwork is the Exhibit A ain't no need for the B-ironically-on AB-that Gecko ammunition got you changing colors like chamilion shining like hot brass-cuz you getting lit up when they blast-I be in the real Hotel of Killafornia oh so regal-killing them hoes while they spread eagle-who would want to checc out-with all the royalty checcs they put in my account-while me Tooty chin checc they mouths-they love my big banana split-cuz it splits them in half like a big banana clip-I keep them Hellcatz in heat like the Evilest Part of Hell-cuz I'm from Evil Park Original Hoodstar where there is no bail-you won't hear me saying never again-all the things I do are validated cool and solid my friend-and that's to the very very end-my daily menu is Cheese & Pig In A Blanket-cuz all she do is pay me to lay in bed and bank it-until my pole-looking 2 over swole-on bloat-like it lost the Fight of The Century with a angry African Bee Colony-hoes get crows feet when they eat my meat-I'm dat Old School all thanks to these East Streets-I'm From L.O.S Looned Out Suicidals-Ima Loced Out Savage grew up with the Ridahs-I'm a Hoarder I collect whores money-I fill up rooms with it like it ain't never funny-shouts out to A&E you know they love me-just like the L.A Thug Scene-Ima Natural Born Hustler like the newborn baby in the Super Bowl 50 Dorito's Commercial-I'm just trying get the salary CBS get's for them Super Bowl Commercials-you put in work and move up in this game and reach the top-and in the process your own homies and maybe family tryna see you drop-they be the ghosts that will leave that 23rd floor door to the balcony open-praying on your downfall but you ain't no ghost so you won't be flying or floating-you'll be hitting the ground exploding-and then bloated-you thought you was going to be poppin them wheelies on the Harley-but they fed the Wheaties with extra iron pills to the chopper and popped ya flat now you sorry-now everybodys laughing at ya the life of the blocc party-especially Blacc Harley-mang I got banned from the radio for real-what you thought I was a chump who paid them Radio People with real skrill?-they say I spit to Gangsta even 4 the dirtiest grill-

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