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[Hook: Sunspot Jonz] {x2}
Oh, oh ah, oh ah, oh ah, ooh
Oh, oh ah, oh ah, ooh
Oh, oh ah, dreamer, dreamer, dreamer, oh

[Verse One: Sunspot Jonz]
When I dream truth is seen in the stream, I see
Where kings have lived the dream imagination
The hardest shit on Earth to possess for some
Imagine me, living this life jumping fences like August Wilson
Singing out my soul like [?] black ass
As destiny's grain's pass through the broken hour glass
To be young, black and gifted
I am
We stand on legends on this microphone
When we rock it's on
Weaving dreams through 4-tracks songs
Now uh
Now many groups have fallen to the point they can't return?
Gimmicks and industry standards up they ass, out to burn
You can only dream about doing the shit we do
Travel all around the world and independent too
Now uh, selling tapes, rocking shows
Beyond your battle rap where do yo' ass go?
Staring at the flo' at yo'
Weak ass perform your weak shows
You need to grow up
And dreams stuck
Is what you'll be, now uh
Waiting for your call from your record company that never comes
You just hear the knock
Beyond that
Extract yo' ass and drink what's hot
You never had a chance unless you dreamed
And did for you
Instead expecting what they ass
Can do for you
I dream what
I do when I die, I dream that I did what I...could do
Living beyond being trapped in other people's fear
They clearly try to inject into me here
Reminiscing of jealousy now
Cause they could never be all they could be
I'm me
Which might not be easy for you to see
But I'm
Dreaming up a place that goes beyond your reality


[Verse Two: The Grouch]
It was the best dream I ever had
See anything I wanted happened in it
Maybe for a minute things would go wrong
But I knew I could always change the outcome
Someway or another things would have to work right
I had the masterwork sight
The seat behind the keyboard making sounds that people like
And I liked to do the work
I put it in like an expert
Always outdoing the next jerk who claimed competition
Fame was not the mission
My goal to get my peers to listen and understand me
My family was supportive and I loved them
We argued and fought a lot but I put nothing above them
Though, time moved slow and fast the same
The more I dreamt, I learned how to last in the game
And my name fit my actions as I was told
A dream so vivid, I caught myself growing old
Surrounded by friends it was alright
All night sessions on progression?
Lessons being taught so valuable I listened
Even took trips and saw the world
So now you tell me, when am I supposed to wake up
I make up my life in my sleep


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