Riding on a number 9 cloud
(Number 9 cloud...)
I'm about to rip the crowd
(Tear up the crowd...)
Only wanna spit what's true
Even if its the last thing that I'll do for you

I hate cigarette smoke in my face buddy
Go on and poke your nose in a different place buddy
I said your fuckin' up my natural high
That's about as long as I'm a deal with you bye
Buy it's the little things that add up that total to expensive
The big things you know you need to find a way to get em
I'm all up in the system playin' a victim, but I licked em
7 dice losers always got a place to stick em
Not a trace of bitchin' out I figured out the root
If I told you, you wouldn't find it, gotta make it up in you
I made it up it's true and test it
Heat it if you want but if you dont then go where you're directed
Right there I said the same thing twice
They say "make your name bling in ice", but tell me who was right?
It doesn't really matter that's dividing
Separating classes causes tension and colliding


All im saying I'm not playin
This talks real i'll find my way
And every topics always rockin
Sound ____ never straight in

If you build it they will come and I believe that
Make the operation bigger if you want the feedback
Feed that back to the people who got your back
Score that high on the board you can't ignore fact
Family or friends, that's how I function till the end
I jumped into the mix just to feel my records spin
I stay cause people liked it if they didn't id be gone now
Maybe if you hate it then you wrong now

I've been bein' myself for years
Travellin' the world with my family and peers
I never spit a rap sheet for A and our ears
_____ if you can't feel this then fuck you bitch

I got a flight out to Narita on Wednesday
I know I should be packin' but i'd rather let my pen play
Baby if you ask then be ready what these men say
Though it's very passionate it's fact like a sensei
Hard until the friends say _____ I go there till I almost faint
And I almost can't do it again so I almost ain't
But what does almost mean? not a damn thing
You comin' almost clean, I hear no fans scream
I'm pro like Pantene I sell you on a grand dream
Really I'm just a man seen romancing
My band sings samples and my gratitude is ample
Attitude is simple soul is dancing

All I'm saying I'm not playin'
This talks real i'll find my way
And every topics always rockin'
Sound ____ never straight in

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