I heard you bought your whole style off of Ebay
They even sellin everything now that we say
Sally furnished her apartment at Best Buy
But Target got the best buys and thats why
Im gonna do a wal-mart exclusive
With hallmark rhymes and fisher-price goin produce it
Oh you ain't heard? weak lyrics thats the new shit
Like oliver print ain't and tellin the truth is
He got the same shirt as me LRG I guess we're brothers
What will we tell our seeds?
That everythings gonna be alright
Santa clause gonna come and we goin eat tonight
Only 10 choices and one of thems a cheesecake factory
Please taste tactfully
Oh you feelin exotic? lets hit p.f. changs
They got california rolls now this freedom is strange

Mom and pop killer, mom and pop killer stop killin my folks
Mom and pop killer, mom and pop killer stop killin our folks
M&p killer, m&p killer stop killin my folks
Mom and pop killer, mom and pop killer stop killing the folks

Wha do you get when you mix pizza hut and taco bell?
Well, at least a pain in the gut and an awful smell
Hell I should own a franchise
Wouldn't it sell this coldstone melt
My old phone felt like a weight on my shoulders
My new phone found me a mate like I told ya
Now I dont ever have to leave my community
Who needs a ghetto pass?
Man all of this buffoonery slides
We gotta keep hip-hop alive?
Stay unified like starbucks and jamba right
What set you claimin mac or pc?
Im in the back of gc makin tracks on gp
See it ain't a song it's a blog
And we didn't change we evolved
Still make ice from water and wood from log
I pay half the price and im twice the hog

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