The older I get man, the dumber that I was
I don't think I'm the shit though, I hunger for your love
I was too eager to rip so I picked up a pencil
Let my big muscle work and it came to me simple
See, I can only be what I've learned to be living
Now I will try to play the role but no Oscar will be given
I'm a soccer player heart
And second I'm a rapper
I will not destroy this art
Yes in it I'm a factor
I found my queen and I macked her
I surround the scene with a tractor
I dig myself out first then comeback to get you after
Everyday must have laughter
If you don't you sad bastard
End up being called The Grouch and no one ever stalls you out
I can never live it down
I live it up with a different sound
Specific when I spit this so your little brother gets it
Now, now, this is how to build up twenty minutes
I took the main concept of my Crusader cover and put that in this
It's endless, stupendous
Blend this with some good moods
A couple of your best friends
Discuss over healthy foods
You smell me?
A true friend will always tell me
I'm a giant among giants if you're lion you're coming hella weak fella
To each his own though
Spin the phono light the chrome go
But don't scratch it on the curb where we serve
Swerve, hit a b-line and hit a nerve
When I see my [?] deserve
Fuck the Dumb that's my blurb
Put it on my headstone when I'm dead gone and rotting
It's hot in Hell baby but that's not where I'm stopping
Mopping up hip hop slop before the world was watching
And I still got a bucket to spill and still knocking
We don't rock the spot and then chill like it's nothing
I'll kick you out the backstage if you're high powered jocking
Beat it, bounce
Busters are ball breaking
They all taking the shit too light but [?] hating
That's an ingredient for failure
Like being greedy and I tell ya
A million more will kill ya but the purest souls will save ya

G (G)
R (R)
O (O)
U (U)
C (C)
H (H)

Conducted by D.A. double D. Y. K.E.V

Lyrics submitted by Mellow_Harsher

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