[The Grouch]
I respect people in this world in so many ways
I neglect people in this world in so many ways
I love to love a person in this world for always
Love to hate a motherfucker when I couldn't find ways
To get through, wanna hit you like a brick without a fist
I gotta express my calmer inner mind but with a twist
Not a lecture, it's an art form, I'm the best for the job
That's what I wanna share, get prepared, make it bob
You know that head I need to get to, never pass bullshit through
Hip you to a way of life that probably more fits you
It's time to open up, quit acting tough and fronting more and
Get tighter on my raps, as a whole I wanna do something
I wanna move something bigger than a mountain
Live a thousand of my days happy and hella proud in my ways
I wanna praise these aspiring, admiring peers
Keep me moving on near, whether he lies
When will they ever realize, it's all about being free, wise?
Big tree-sized individuals in the mental
If they permit into the temple, I'll still be influential in this
I'll still pick up a pencil with no credentials and rip
It's my gift I've been given, it's my life I've been living
And I've been driven to this point here
I'm tryna make my point clear, I'm tryna come across tight
Ain't tryna take a loss without a fight, just wanting to do it right
I'm just wanting to do it right

[Hook: The Grouch]
Money brings power, power might bring pain
Now you might attain game without any of 'em
Plenty of 'em fail, many of 'em stack mail
Act well as if you know, cause if you show you dope you won't
If you show you dope you won't
What's it all about?

I stick it to the beat, prepare for defeat, some gets mistreated
Lowered esteem for the self, embellish on the pain
While relish on crossing eyes and a brain, wise I'll refrain
When my game is off, bitter disappointment, this appointment healing scars
Revealing stars unseen when the moon is shining
Who's the tightest? Well to me its the brightest emcee on a mic divided
In categorical temperaments, temperature rises feverish
Leaving two-thousand cleansed ends stacked on the back porch
With the torch lit, follow paths of brick herbs
To keep the sickness within a cage
Words with a page where age can't be distinguished
Just the feeble, that's no longer my job, my choice
My voice throbs like the engine of a Rolls-Royce, top influx
Ten bucks, that's a pocket budget of a kid who grew to know his destinal goals
The rest fold in molten stagnent poses
That's where determined prices stop and smell the fucking roses

[Hook: The Grouch]

I've been paying my dues to who knows
Ever since I've been able to tie my shoelaces
And walk to the park for open mics in circles to recite anything that came to mind
But because of my age I was undefined
As one of the B-boys who could still get it on after
The streetlights came on and the night changed from dust to dawn
You see my momma didn't know that her son had the crowd pleasing potentials
To pick up a pencil and permanently, shake shit up like Shakespeare
Shakes up the minds of critics, it was ridiculous what I had to go through
Day to day to meet up with the crew, then go down do to the Good Life and do
What I've been believing in ever since the beginning of time
From the beginning to the end of my rhymes, the crowd will climb out of their chairs
Nothing but stares in my face as my words tap their eardrums with amazing grace
Scarub blew up the place
Even fools who didn't like me would agree that my style was horrible
My aura would illuminate and shine, but it wasn't bright enough to be seen
And still to this day through the eyes of Scarub supporters, he's living a pipe dream
Not bright enough to be seen, still living a pipe dream

[Hook: The Grouch]

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