I'll never forget you, breathe

I speak through my music and I use it like a tool
Somethin in my blood I guess didn't come from the pools
Never ran with a rulebook on my side or too much pride
To let out how I really felt when it was time to ride
And when it was time to cry me I sat back and wrote a song
And when it's time to die, I hope that I am half as strong
The lap is long impact is even longer leavin hunger
I wonder if it ever goes away not till next summer
Its all fresh, maybe all a test just like hurdlin
Curdlin my stomach as you plummet to your earth bein
But you will rise again live on the other side
And then provide new friends with joy
Just like you did this baby boy to a man
I seek this land is a learning lot
Not, burning hot hell fire dont touch this spot
Too much I got to give thanks
And even when you pulled from my family bank
Our lives crank you rankin em
Feelin like old worn denim jeans
Faded in the center with some holes in em
And thats the style though, so I smile bro
And as you walked that final mile, I wanted you to know

Life dont live in only bodies
I can see your soul shine bright, probly
Godly beings like this dont die
Dont ask me where they go
Though I just know there's more than meets the eye

I have memories and imagination
My definition of your character and who you are is great
Damn, and if you never knew I look up to you
Still someday i'll learn to play
And give it up to you in your language
Key you sang with spontaneity and life
I play with these just like im channelin my god
When handlin things are hard in my release I find peace
Just like ages I knew you spend searchin and finally reach
Times were bad and times were good this time was faith
A time was fate somebody press rewind but wait
There's no taste, you rolled it away to
For us a little soon for it to be too, late
I always felt connected though a part
Well-respected in your heart
Love and I love you back - the way I do
Thats the way I know and always knew
True, cool and reciprocated, situated and understood
Under the hood I wonder, why do the good go early?
And are the gates really pearly?
Surely this can't be the end
Someone come on please step in
The sun is settin in the west again


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