All they see are stars in the sky
Couldn't figure out how, never understand why
Me, myself, I'll lift you high
Let me hear you shout now, tell 'em what it's bout child
All some know is what they say
Never think for themselves, who is going to lend help?
We will be to ease the strain
This is my brain on beats, please peep and gain
Cause that's the name of the game

[The Grouch]
What you gonna do when reality comes knocking?
When things get too serious to just stick your cock in
Any warm hole, you wanna shoot for that goal
Stabilize your name and purify your soul
When you're to try and hold your own like a man
And sleeping on your friend's couch is no longer the plan
You finally realise than everything you try
Isn't always gonna work out, for ya
People will ignore ya if you don't make sense
You don't make sense if you live past tense
Talking bout back when you used to have a heyday
But couldn't do what you did then today
I bet you didn't say what them gonna do now
I bet the most talk translates to least style
Conflicting situations, so pick and get to waiting
Forget the shit is vacant, new and greater things pop
I hate to think stop when my mind says grow
Like I hate to see cops when the sign says slow
But anyway, oh, back to the topic
Got incentive in my pocket and I practice tryna profit
So, I can know that my power stays on
And if I need to use insurance, my eggs will be gone
Respond responsibly, better myself constantly
Should I try and do, to set a cool example for you?


[The Grouch]
Now what the hell I look like not knowing how to cook right?
Being late to everything and never reading books, might
Call me hypocrite because my lips can spit truth
But living up is hard when you're young but not a youth
Gotta be well respected, cool and down to earth
Try and get accepted on the turf and up at work
Fucking jerks wanna push ya, but you can't fight
Cause then they'll want to shoot you dead, and that ain't tight
Had your sights set upon a brand new apartment
But at first, last, deposit, that's hard shit
And only if your credit is good, could you bet that it would
Be available to you, you're sailing to a new, zone
Of needing to know how to speak on the phone
Proper, oper-ating
Effective, that's the objective
Should've taken that elective home back in high school
Cause when you try to come tight, you'll probably fuck up the first few times
Mess up them first few lines
You speak tryna sound grown
I can't come weak, I'm from the town known to put it down
All around the world on an intelligent level
Maturity is high, discourage me the Devil
He can only try if I'm believing in him
I got my goals mapped out and I'm achieving them


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