If I were you I'd say I like the way I am. And it is silly to think that there is any better way. But you see, just as God is going to change you someday into something better, so he is going to change me


[Grouch talking]
When you walk into the spot...lift your head up...look around. And know...fools ain't fucking with you in there

[Verse One]
You got to know what yourself is worth
Stop digging in the dirt using help that hurts
In the long run we all run the same race at a different pace
You got to save face, there's only one till you get done
You underestimate how great it is to be here
That's why fools go and snort shit and fuck with guns for leisure
You got to seizure your moment on the timeline
Make it last forever cause now you're in your prime
And yesterday is lost, tomorrow I'm the boss
Cause today I wouldn't settle for the lesser
And though I felt the pressure
Knew that I was better than to bargain
Whatever the jargon
From whoever, I'm starving and hard like a criminal
But see I'm not that
And this is not subliminal
Cause I do not act
I move with tact, style, skill and grace
And I'm conscious of it too so my energy's not wasted
Look what you taste...insanity
Cause I'm down for upliftment of humanity
Plan to be a spark to get you started on the right path
You probably stepping on it now though if you like that

[Hook] {x2}
Nobody's better than you
And nobody's better than me
Not even you when I'm telling the truth
How can it be?
You ask the question
Say it to yourself and believe in it

[Verse Two]
A confident man moves easy through the land
Believe me it's no scam, you gotta take command
Stop hating on yourself and feeling sorry for yourself
Lift your head up and stick your chest out
Try not to stress out
That'll get none done to talk about
You wanna walk without the worry and the hurry for the next opportune moment
And be up on it
How ironic that's what I was told
Before I got old enough to comprehend scared life don't make boys to men
And if you are a man, know it and show it and lend a hand
And don't let nobody define you
That means boundaries, something I draw a line through
Just to remind you
That's what I'm here for
Fucking with your ear for
To get you closer, near the door
Of the room that you know you wanna walk out of
You better than to stay
Get that doubt off your mind

Clear it out


[Verse Three]
Look, don't sell yourself short
Whatever the sport
They probably need you more than you need them
They always offer less than what you think is fresh
And the more you say "yes" then the pickings is slim
Next time you come around, then raise it up a pound
Play it up not down
They'll treat you like a clown if you let 'em
Set 'em straight and make 'em wait
Might take 'em eight times to get the point but when they do
It's all you
And everything you knew
Severing the blue from the day
Allusions astray
You cruising the way you wanna cruise
And using what you have, not not having...what you lose

See...because you don't lose anything


[Outro: singing]
City of the angels, clear your skies for me

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