You could be my butterfly, field dragonfly
Hide then we'll wonder why
You dont like it we can touch the sky
It's like you and I we multiply

Beautiful butterfly..

Hm lets fly just you and I
Over the mountains towards the sun where the houses lie
Im bout to cry rivers of pure pleasure
Your by my side to give my that sure feeling
Im not embarrassed we made it to the highest terrace
And now I cherish, my lady like the finest carrots
No one is near us, spirits in the wind ascend
Fearless I treat you like a friend and then
We gonna end parts in the dark under the shooting stars
A piece of art is ours
I admire the silence is golden we tire by fire
Just holdin each other, a whole world to discover
Tomorrow brings promise with my butterfly lover
I hunger, I hug her and wonder why must this die

Beautiful butterfly...


I walk on air, talk without a care
With you my auras not fair
But the flaws what we gots rare
Lets get lost there and look at the moss
And share thoughts and then cross where they dont flop
Here let me play with your hair
Oh dear, we're really takin it deep
If you seek, you see a life cycle repeat
In front a your eye you peep joy
Go on and keep your boy
We each employ tactics little accent get squashed
Over time im rich off your lip gloss
And ___ off my skin sinks in
I get thinkin, there's no sinkin im a kingpin
Your my queen so serene is the comfort
Im a dragonfly though you know I done hung in dirt
Tongue in work harder get farther tomorrow love larger today
You taught me this way, I learned it I use it
Sometimes choose and at all times know it
Like a raw rhyme poet I speak it and show it
So the whole entire world can grow, with me


Who was there when the smoke clears to appear?
You and I to separate the truth from lie
Eye to eye we step into the future now
Forgive the foul, we make it then we show them how
I hold em out, my cards and I read yours
They speak life and it's not hard to be sure
I feel you like I feel me
I said I dream for you and that's real, see
I once had a vision that every flower died
But I was just trippin and seein the down side
You lifted up my head gave me pride
Now I ride the rhythm deep and wide
Like the tide in the ocean our motions all natural
Postin on the current this love potions actual
They can't kill it with a fashion show
Even though they ration sin my passion grows..
And grows, and grows, and grows..

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