The Grouch:
I'm just a grown man doin' young man shit
World travelin' real estate gabblin'
From a throne nothin' dumb about this, keep babblin'
Yin can't have it when Yang don't exist
Infinite range reigns on a disc
But it bangs like that ignorance hits
Home hard, not humorous
Epiphanies like shroomers get
At age 30 a gift from a worthy stork
That means a little baby Grouchy dork
Now let me show you how we work in the bay
Independent cult classic circa the day
I got my 8 bars looped and my break beat tunes
And my guests on deck, got to jet this truth
Plant good food and command respect

Scarub and Bicasso:
Now I could get it how you thought I would
Or take it how I make it man
Either way im on the rise
Travelin' hot air balloons
In colorful sunset skies

Catch me in the wind like a para trooper
I sky dive with a parachute the _ with a paragraph
I'm _
My topical maneuver hover over whatever ya have, beware of that
Im a land shark, and you actin kinda fishy
With a apex predator beach dont tempt me
Im in these streets like traffic police
I shoot that talk like swat yeah, I come with the heat
My bellies full but my hunger man
A hunger man is an anger man
And you lookin like lunch get a hunch
You could surely get ate early
I break fast and brush my pearly whites go

I'm a quick learner, gifted and talented
Destined to have it all
Whatever if I dream it up
My legacy im leavin' stuff
Livin' it should be enough, but it ain't
And it ain't without givin thanks
Stackin' up for the moment that I break the bank
Moment to my minute I'm a get it too mirror just for me
Ya see I see my people who, stuck by me
They taught me and tried me
Knew that I was chosen outta escrows closin'
We posin' for pictures in tuxes in champagne receptions
Wish me good luck it's on


Its hot outside, the cops are out, the neighbors are watchin
I move like water in the midst of a drought
No stoppin I flow wit it, and you livin so thirsty soak in this
Im the reason you slow down past accident
You wanna see what the action is
And im a rappin whiz, why you _ in these shoes that I stand
See those two hands? ingenuitive man

The Grouch:
I don't hang out as much
I'm in the lab aimin' to make it last
Plus dreams can't slip past us
Mighty beings tear that mask up need no flashy stuff
Potential potency pencil _ like multiple choice
Original men walk to the beat of their favorite heart
Talk _ they _ and they raise em up

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