Tell me why tell me why (yeah yeah yeah).
Tell me why tell me why (check)
Tell me why (check check check) tell me why.

Tell me why tell me why
Tell me why the grass is always greener on the other side
Tell me why tell me why
Tell me why the grass is always greener

[The Grouch]
From here I see clearest lookin' for what we fear, you have conquered
Few have monster, power yet devour what I can't eat
Hunger for my usual view of what I can't pick
Who you all stampede and jock
Got me stuck like wonderin' what the fuck is right on this subnight
Uptight skit
It might get confusing when I'm feeling like I'm losing in the envious
When we just did all the strenuous work
In a ven-ue (you) just jerk like Lavinious search of what I want they
Don't have won't grab settle for a slab of second best
Like a neck and breast instead of two (breasts)
I reckon you are chowin' down on chickens
Pickens far from slim
Mural's been
Tainted views of my views got me anxious
Thank this thinking for the song that you hearing but...


(Your grass) It looks so good from back there
I got stuck I had to just stare
I must of ah, not been aware
I took a walk and when then
I had to stop and then air
The opposite wasn't fair
No choppin' it couldn't dare
I had to
Go elsewhere
No help where
I looked dehearted, it's pretty ?
I'm not searchin'
Just workin'
Even weekends
That's for certain
Keepin' you peepin'

Tell me why the grass is always greener on the other side (go on)
Tell me why (go on)

If I could lace up your shoes on my feet your girl
Probably wouldn't look as tight
If you could face what I do from your seat my world
Probably wouldn't seem as hype (man)
Couldn't be as ripe on the inside as out
When the pen slides I doubt
That you're freakin', critique all that I do
Even if I saw your IQ
Mind would be higher
But I admire what I don't have
And that's a drag cause they make a lot of shit
The kind that got me thinkin', "Damn, that's what I got to get"
Not a bit satisfied there's always something better
Had an eye like a treasure till you got it and it measured up short
Forever support that ? now I have a tat seeming
State of the art meaning
Play it smart teaming
Up with supreme begins
Having you fiends seeming my green from afar


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