Hangin on the brink of eternal energy lasting,
Well I think I'm readier burnin the ever after.
Movin in this ship across the waters of our destiny,
It's legendary speech we took and made it all a path to...

The simple thing is the most difficult to achieve,
In a maze of life that we travel upon.
Sometimes I feels like I'm pawning a check,
At the city group and ? squeezing your life out slow.
Hoping I can slay the dragon's soul, then I would behold,
Just like a fold in a page, that reads life's cold.(cold, cold)
And you gotta be bold to rock, to hold ? glock.
Perfectly ready for battle, able to tackle the gravel that lay ahead in the trench.
Did I mention intention? We take a tunnel through time,
Make a run up [?]on rhyme[?] On the drop of a dime.
Makin fun of a fine bitch who's [?]cell on their mind[?] with nothin to find.
While she gets it from behind. We took 'em one at a time.
Like a day of my lifespan, make it all acountable on me cause I'm a new man.
Heard that from a lot of poetry from me in the stands.
Lookin from a new angle that try... harder. Not rectangle the foundation,
I mangle the sound place that supports the sports I play.
Hopin it could always make sense of healthy ways, they needed wealthy ways.
When I'm on the brink of eteral energy lasting
Well I think I'm readier burnin the ever after.
Movin in this ship across the waters of my destiny,
It's legendary speech we took and made it all a trip.
Drinkin off a sip, naw. Never catch a lock jaw.
Alcoholic, I can see you're drippin off the lips, y'all.
Lookin at me funny. On the stage I'm rockin mics for people listenin for truths.
Take your neck and pop the noose. Make your body fully loose,
Cuz I produce and mass prooduce, and that's the truth.
Listen to everlasting proof, the last recruit,
Lookin at me like that's the fool who mastered toons.
I pimp up my sound to cruise in cars, cuz she was hard to fool not hard to do.
Is the man marvelous, harvest? He may be modest, kept my missin anaconda inside.
Made as a minus. Chokin your lungs until you can't hear yourself any longer.
Makin the right choices in life makes you stronger.
Can't keep stagnant man, any longer. Makin the right choices in life make you stronger.

[Chorus x2]

My energy: everlasting. You lookin' at a winner, see?
Absorb it now. I breed growth while they come up with that morbid style.
[?]throw sneakers on the ground. Never gettin' weaker I'm a leaker to the child.[?]
Feed the animal inside the Grouch. I'm on a mountain face, soakin' up sun.
I'm'a place till the job is all done. I'm'a ball young cuz I gotta raw toungue.
Got 'em all sprung cuz 'a how I'm not dumb. And that's something that I'm proud of.
Heh, nothing comes something. Belief is only one thing, you can do umpteen.
Exercises bless the wisest,
Lets devise a scheme to stay alive it's mean on the streets killin dreams on the beat,
With only beans on my plate, I'm'a lean on my mate,
To make due. And know it's not fate when I break through.

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