[Intro] [Grouch talking]
What's up baby? What you lookin' for? What are you counting? Huh?

[Verse One]
What the fuck they lookin' at that hides behind my back?
I'm just an ordinary guy with a knack to kick a rap
Wondering why they wanna have that information on me
What I buy at Latees isn't really exciting
I'm fighting my way
Through the camera laid store
And when I purchase something
They wanna know more
But what for man?
I'm talkin' Radio Shack
The good guys that's all bad, they created a stack, a file
I wanna wile but I'll settle for the discount
She's bound to come back though
Ten fold
I'm only twenty three years old and bold
Never owned a weapon so what the fuck they stressin' for
I go for walks in the wilderness wonderin'
Do the trees see? And what the fuck do they want with me?
If they do man, I'm trippin'
Sippin' on some brew cause reality is cuckoo
Rewind the tape, that's his face
He was in the wrong place
Run his social
We got it all here, he's local
This is what he knows
And this is what he owes
Here's where he goes to buy his clothes
Man if they really want the run down on me they should ask
I'm a person
Nothin' to hide but my ass
For certain
I caught them peepin' and keepin'
Account of my actions
What the fuck they trackin'?
What the fuck they trackin'?

[Verse Two]
Add the information up then put it in a pile
Take a picture trick, you'll never get my style down
What they want with my grocery list? Most of this is outta hand
Now you can't...see me
I bought this Hennessy at 9:23
On the southside of S.C. with my last fuckin' twenty
? pigs cause they'd dig to know that info
Swipe the magnetic stripe and void it before it ends so
I get to sweatin' and lookin' over my shoulder
Actin' like I'm stupid and it's only gettin' colder than this
If they miss a word I heard it's on tape
But all I do is kick it and try and create
They keep eyein'
I keep supplyin' tracks with no tax so
Ask for the facts but don't send them via fax/fac-
I act timid, he
Much more in it than out
Shout when the don't watch
Pout, no I won't
Got a hunch
Underground is lunch to that bunch
Stomp while they spyin'
Just knock 'em out and say "die"
I lay myself low in the cut
Knowin' it was
Today's convenience got 'em seein' shit tomorrow
Borrow the tape and make hate come out
Before we run out of time
I wanna see 'em go blind
Before we run out of time
I wanna see 'em go blind

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