I'm ready for the fight
I'm raedy fro the war
I'm ready for you punk motha fuckas, i'ma score
I'm ready for the end but this is where it starts
I beat you to the finish so you better take your marks

I've always been the second best, never been the first
Watchin the winner rise, get the credit, feelin cursed
At first i was like down on myself, it didn't help
I had to elevate to the next level and be felt
Dealt a hand of cards, much harder to play than most
Didn't have a neutral so i couldn't kick back and coast
Close to givin up so many time but didn't quit
I had to persevere
I had to do my shit
Equipped with a good mind to guide me through my travels
So i'm always talking sense even when other fools, they babble
And gabble in that stupid shit
I know the truth in it's gonna help me later
I dwell as a major payer of dues
And a hater of crews who aren't
I be an underdog in this art and take you out from the start
So you can mark my words
Come alone or come in herds
I'll never be the second best, i'll never be the third


I watch good fortune circulate through many lives
But it never seems to hit the ones who really really try
So we die just to attain it
But fate you can't contain it
You can't predict the ones luck will hit but still i dream
I feel a gleam of hope through self esteem
And like a beam of light i shine to remind fools to continue
Never pretend to be something that your not
The way i come across on paper is how i am, it's not just talk
A concocted plan now in effect is all i am
Trying to play my part in the scheme of life if i can
Withstanding all the pressure applied to my hide
And abiding by the golden rules of life and make my stride


Now why should i have to be the dopest emcee
To get someone in this world to even speak with me
I'm critiquing these stupid ass ways of life
In hope of understanding but i stay in strife and pain
And fuck trying to maintain, i want to get over
And others doing the same thing but i'm movin slower
And my brains thinking faster
So i'm adding to disaster
I master all my shit myself in my house
And douse motha fuckas with the beat
Every time i speak completely cause i correctly state my rhymes where too many fail to freakly
Paragraphs they write, there are laughs when they say them
You rappers can't exist, down to rest we lay them
The trip is over, the trip is over


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