My Words you ask for
My Words you thirst
My pain is your pleasure
My pain is familiar
You relate
You associate
And interpret so clearly
You lived this life and I remind you
I remind you of the little things
What they really mean
And how they're necessary
For life, for love, for happiness
A quest we willingly throw ourselves into
Knowing the consequence
Waiting for the worst
But expecting the best, our attitudes change
Our lives change
What For?
An easy lay
A quick high
A moment of pleasure
But then we look back at the consequences
What the fuck For?

Did you mean it?
Did you mean it when you said it?
Did you mean it when you said it?
Say it again!
What For?
Because I need you to
I need to hear
To feel it again
What For? (3×)
Never met before
Have an adoring fan
That I think you should meet
Won't you come back to me please
Give me just one reply
He's actually kind of shy
And he'd like to know if you if you would just
Won't you come back to me
Come over and make me scream
Play a little game
See who's gonna break down first
Won't you come back to me
Come over and make me scream
Play a little game
See who's gonna break down

It's not your fault
You can't help it
You have never been more than I wanted you
To be
You never liked my friends
Or ever took the time to learn all my peeves
My heart can't bleed when you cry
Go cry to your significant other friend
"Just my friend," is what you said
I had no say
No judgment then
Don't want it now!
Give it to him!
You gave him all we had
All you're worth problems you caused me
And troubles you gave me
No help, you betrayed me
You lied, and you gave me
A feeling
A mind set too gross to accept in my life
That you fucked up
All over, again
Never, ever go back to you
Fully or completely
Accepted the fact that you
Just wanted someone in your game

Stop making me want you! (2×)
You're making me hate you
Stop making me crazy! (2×)
I'm gonna find you
When you're not expecting me to!
I'm gonna fucking find you!
You're gonna see me!
You're gonna wish you were back with me!
You're gonna fucking kill me!
Understand (My Words!) (6×)

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    Song MeaningIt seems that the song's about one's significant other who while was just enough for the protagonist, they never did really catch up w/ their flaws, lied about loving them, cheated, and left them for the person they cheated with. The protagonist gave their s/o a primary reason to live w/ their deep words. They end up planning to get revenge on their ex in a way to "make their ex wish they were back w/ then," even though they predict their ex will kill them once they encounter.
    MetalheadMikeon April 16, 2017   Link

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