At first there was this dream, a returning wave of yesterdays
Remember where you come from, and I was in love
This world felt so rea, now all come undone
Suffocating acid dreams, enter now into me

Beneath an ocean of stars, a shining silver shelter awaits for you
Grand razor that speaks told you all of time's desolation
Feel the steppenwolf grow inside, stronger through the days of gray
You're becoming as whole to find out who you truly are

Together we'll enter the house of all love
Dark memories can't breathe at the end of all roads

Come back to us soon, multiverse has missed you so
The poets they all cry, write about you every day and night
Oh won't you come home, even I have missed you so
You know flesh is grass, oh where have you been

Turning tides of live may leave you wander on empty shores
The waters will flow once again in a ceaseless roar for evermore
Only the lonely know, all love has been ridden with despair
A poison of god som may say, but you don't believe in yesterdays

On Virgin Grounds I saw your face again
Our reflection in time or a promise of forever
On virgin grounds we were as one again
The eyes of my queen shine your grace on me
Goodbye virgin grounds I lived inside your house
Forever and never again, I will always come back to you
On virgin grounds the air was full of love
For a moment I saw deep into yesterday's heart

Deliver me to grounds veyond
A travelling man, a travelling woman
Whomever they may be you show your face
Like the weight of mountains old you take away the cold
And the secret gold of starling becomes worthless on its own
You give eternity in exchange of your true selves
The great work in all your lives should be love

Your winds bring forth the hallucinations
Empty are my words, my mind decays
Psychic haze exploding through my veins
Spiral tunnel becomes a raging cosmic sea
Within its horizon the primal eyes of fire
Death will tell me, death will touch me

Goodbye Virgin Grounds - Virgin Grounds I see you

Picture yourself before the dream into the arms of the queen
It might be your mind that has bent
Whatever it is I will send a kiss
Goodbye to virgin grounds so sweet
Forever remain within psyche deep

Goodbye to Virgin Grounds / Forever in my heart
And to all my friends / Death is not the end
My heart goes everywhere / I hope to see you there
Come love me again / And may the dream come true
Within my acid dreams / The Virgin Grounds I see
Oh it's a grove so green / Where grew the white horses bean
Will I see you there / My heart goes everywhere
Until the death of self / I believe in you

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Goodbye to Virgin Grounds Forever song meanings
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