Them red and them blue lights
In the shadows of the dark with the moon light
Shine on me, I continue to move like
A false move can cost me my whole life
I ain't going back no more
I ain't going back no more
(I'm still young)
It ain't gonna hurt no more
Cause I ain't going back no more

[Verse 1]
I miss my nigga cool, yeah I really do
Yeah he told me be swift every time I move
And if they catch me with this here, I'm gon' make the news
My nigga cool called me, so when you in this bitch
You get to fuck the same niggas that you beefin' with
He had me trafficking, speeding, running lights
Switching lanes, I'm gone like, every night
Turn the reigns, got me in the fast life
Say, if you fail once, bruh just clap twice
But that second time boy, you better get it right
16, I'm ready to catch 16
Get out on good behavior, so that's 15
Told me sleep is for the rich, so I don't even dream
Them hoes ain't want me cause they see my wrist didn't bling
Whenever ballin' said they wouldn't put me on they team
My shoes wasn't clean
Project baby plus I'm Haitian so no love for me


[Verse 2]
Yeah that chain round my neck, it hangin' where it swang
And that life you need lord, just to maintain
So I ain't going back broke to the same thing
Got me throwin' rocks out the chain gang
I'ma lil soldier, cracka' tryna' wave me over
Tryna' direct foul me
Tryna' hit the top they just wanna down me
They used to clown me
I'm from the ugly
Same niggas wanna do me in they say they love me
Cool told me that, he said it's funny
That you the only son or somethin'
And you a youngin', it get ugly
Same hoes I was fucking, they ain't sending nothin'
I ain't going back, to the same shit, same crap
Lil Kodak, but hated Jay Black
Was 15, jumped in the streets head first
Fast lane, so if I ever crash, bruh it's head first
My life a coin toss, tails first


The life of a project baby
I let the projects raise me
I ain't going back
(I won't go back)
I won't go back
(I can't go back)
The life of a project baby
I let the projects raise me
I won't going back
(I won't go back)
I won't go back
(I can't go back)
I won't go back


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