Just for fun
For the first half of this song
Let's pretend we're completely ignorant

Wowsy, wowsy, wow

What a wonderful world
This planet called Earth is so great
There are billions of animals, and they are all free to go
Running through green pastures
Swimming in clean water
Flying through clear blue skies
They love it here
Animals are always treated with compassion
Planet Earth is paradise for animals
'Cause they can all play and have lots of fun

What a gorgeous day

Oh, look at that doggy—he's chasing his tail all around
And birdies are singing pretty songs in the trees
All the animals are so happy
They love to be free
Just like they've always been free
They love it here
Who wouldn't?
There's hardly any garbage or pollution
Planet Earth is paradise for animals
No, it's not
Especially if you're in
A factory farm

Locked in a tiny cage
Standing in piss and shit
Pumped full of drugs until your bones break from your massive weight
And then they slit your throat
You're drowning in your blood
They scald you while you're still alive and cut you into tiny pieces
For ham and eggs at breakfast time
And sandwiches at lunch break
And barbecues on weekends
Animals suffer
And the planet gets destroyed so humans can gorge on fat and gristle
Planet Earth is living hell for animals
Who live in factory farms and laboratories, zoos and circuses too

Ignorance is bliss
But you've got to learn the truth
About how your diet is cruel and destroying our world
Animal holocaust
Environmental loss
You've got to do the right thing and become a vegan right now

Lyrics submitted by Eamon

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