We lived our lives just like James Dean
Got trapped within the same old scene
Racing down the road out of control

I met you in that washed up town
It rained that year and never stopped
My heart it must be healing cause I'm growing old

And we tested every single fate
And we bent the rules into our own shapes
Cause we love dangerous
In us we trust
Cause we love dangerous
Oh we love dangerous

You were wild and decadent
I worshiped you just like a saint
And everything we touched
Seemed to turn to gold

We took shelter in the dark of night
The love we shared our only vice
Defend me from myself
Cause I'm on overload

And everybody cringes at the sight
Of the paradox they said was our lives
Cause we love dangerous

And now we're running for sure
Got nowhere to go
We're broke down
But not broken
We're holding on
Holding on

We make believe we're raising kids
A country house a picket fence
Chasing all those dreams like a rolling stone

And even now the woeful widower
I'll let him in but I want you more
I will never let you go, no

And we tested every spirit that was named
And in the end we let God and Time decide our fates
Cause we love dangerous
In us we trust
Cause we love dangerous

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    My InterpretationI think this song has layered meanings, of which include reincarnation and the story of a couple throughout the ages.

    The song begins saying that they got trapped within the same old scene. I think this is a reference to the cycles of karma and reincarnation. Next, it says that they met in a washed up town where it rained and never stopped. I think this is referencing flood mythology of several different religions. Next, the narrator states that they tested every single fate, which I think means that this couple has lived hundreds of lives together in which they adopted a myriad of lifestyles. I think the stanza that states they took shelter in night and love was a vice indicates the couple was not actively seeking truth to liberate themselves from the cycles of karma, rather took comfort in the love that they shared. This leads to them needing to run after truth, but does not help because they don't know where to go. They're holding on to the hope that they will escape the cycles of karma together. It eventually gets to the point where one of the two lovers finds truth that liberates them from reincarnation and results in the lover that is left behind lonely and seeking a new partner (the woeful widower). However, they have spent centuries with their original soul mate and will never let them go. It ends by saying that they tested every spirit (God) named and let time decide their fate (to be reincarnated or not). I think this song is called We love dangerous because it was dangerous to be incarnated in the first place. However, the reason they chose to be incarnated was to find love, and they were willing to be trapped in an imperfect world forever to find it.

    I think the couple in this song is an allusion to Christ and Satan, or Yin and Yang. The couple represents the two forces at work within everyone, and that these forces need to work together in order to find truth and happiness. I think the one lover that escaped reincarnation first is Christ, who will never let us go, and waits patiently for his lover.
    McThuggin2011on February 16, 2017   Link

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