Meet this girl Luld down in Missoula
Boy,did we have a lot of fun.
Took me to her trailer, introduced me to her grandma
Who's drinking Kool-Aid out a water gun.
Her grandmother's been smothered
By the love of a lowdown life.

Chicken's are clucking, down on their luck and
Drinking water out of rusty pipes.
Empty can of Stroh's, half-eaten bag of Cheetos
Little brother in the backyard nodding out on a shot
Her brother's been smothered
By the love of a lowdown life.

Her father, Roger, was a draft-dodger
Now he spends his days doing meth with his best friend Bobby Jim
When he gets that feeling takes to robbing and stealing
Parked cars from the Holiday Inn
Her father's been smothered
By the love of a lowdown life.

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    My OpinionThis song reminds me of a job I had when I was a teen. The lady that owned the big farm across the field hired me to dig through piles and piles of manure in order to find the jewels her husband had thrown into the cattle troughs. She had about a hundred cows. He got mad at her and dumped her entire jewelry box into the troughs. Some stuff was from her great great grandmother's time. I'd come home covered in muck and smelling really bad. Couldn't quit til I found every piece or I wouldn't get paid a bonus. My granddad was nice enough to give me an old metal detector he bought a pawn shop. Listening to this song makes me remember what he said about not needing to get covered in it. Not every cow pie was going to be holding jewels, but something about the people in this song says they were worth something, but it was tough to see covered in all the muck. Sad stuff.
    QuietJackon February 08, 2017   Link

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