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[J. Cole:]
Damn we got bitchez, and they bring bitchez
Fuck all y'all niggas, y'all niggas bitchless

This is dedicated (yo turn my vocals up)
You know who this is dedicated to

[Hook x2:]
Me and my niggas fuck all the bitchez
Damn we got bitchez, and they bring bitchez
Fuck all y'all niggas, y'all niggas bitchless
Where did your bitchez go?

Damn, you niggas so bitchless
Swear it's a mystery to y'all how to get to the drawers
Like Bas, why you gotta say bitch when you swear?
Bitch, I don't care
Damn, you niggas so bitchless
I swear it's a mystery to y'all how to get to the drawers
Got a bitch like a diamond
Bitch got no flaws
See the switch when she walk
Give the bitch an applause
My bitch, call her my bitch if I want
Fly to another continent if I want
Ride through the projects if I want
Type of chick keep me home, but I won't
Gotta roam out of town, paying dues getting high
Til' I put a fiend flag on the moon, cutie pie
Say she want a shirt and a hat too, that's cool
She be waking up in both mine soon that's true, nigga

[Hook x2]

Yeah, TDK, TDK
Chi City nigga, and I'm known to treat hoes like Stevie J
Gone off the Henny I'm beyond faded
Damn y'all lookin' so dehydrated
Why y'all lookin' so dehydrated?
Y'all so thirsty and I'm her favorite
I don't talk much, but I say a lot
They wanna stroll to the back, red cup game come and take a shot
When we sweating in the dark don't run
Throw it back like a inside the park, home run
She a square but that ass rotund
She let me cut samurai shogun
Know you heard bout the backstroke
I can make your perm turn to an afro
I got dumb hoes, bad bitches
Nice girls, classy women
I'm too official
Dreamville, nigga too official
Calling me a dog, I'm calling her a bird
Talking to the pussy cat I'm Dr. Dolittle

[Hook x2]

[J. Cole:]
They say grief is the price of love, fuck love!
I'm out in D.C. what's the price of love, I'm tryna
Get into something like a virus
Get lucky like I'm Irish
Born broke I'mma die rich
Steve Jobs of the projects
Pete Rock with a South twist
When the beat drop nigga drop heat
Like a teapot
Nigga eavesdrop on the knowledge
Once again it's on
A nigga cash never been this long
A nigga passion ain't been this strong
I'm in the zone
Known to slang dick like it's ten inch long
Open wide get my bid'ness on
Young Dennis get my menace on
No O-Dog more like more Caine
Get dough, fuck hoes that's a full life thing
'06 I was po' like rain
Flow sick and I don't like lames
Stop playing, bitch

[Hook x2]

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