[Verse 1]
Let me get another bottle of that Henny
Ay who that? damn shawty pretty
And I only got a couple niggas with me
And that means I got a couple hitters with me
That Hennessy is kicking in my system, I don't wanna catch a body
Cause these niggas talkin' crazy, I might have to catch a homi
Fuck the drama, I just wanna fuck somebody's baby mama
Why you tryna find it? Young M.A already got it
And while I hit it from the back I did my two step
Pretty nigga scooping bitches like a pool net
My gold grill make 'em coons wets
The same niggas I ain't never wear the noose at
If your money ain't right nigga move left
You broke niggas talk more but you do less
See me I'm on my calm shit
Hit the club, nothing fancy, just a comfort
Never slippin' though, I keep that fire on me quick
I'm 'bout that action nigga, I don't do the arguments
But anyway I came here on my party shit
Come and get your bitch, she on that naughty shit
She say she wanna take me in the bathroom and give me dome
She say she came her with you but wanna take me home
And I said bitch, you ain't even bad though
But I ain't gon' lie, shawty had a fat ass though
That Henny in my system
Ain't no tellin', will I fuck 'em, will I diss 'em?
Shittin' on me, I probably fuck 'em then dismiss 'em
I don't fall in love, I don't hug 'em, I don't kiss 'em
And after I done had 'em I don't want 'em, I don't miss 'em
And then I hit my two step
Cause I don't never sweat a bitch, I'm too cool for that
She turned that ass around and she threw it back
I know exactly what to do with that
Shout out to the strippers and the bartenders
Y'all the real MVP cause y'all all winners
Fuck the pole, bring that ass on the top of me
That's the only way you getting dollars out of me
Throw a couple stacks, show you probably three
Dependent on how that pussy pop for me
And I ain't saying be a thot for me
But for this money girl you got to do a lot for me

That's my Henny dance
Bust my Henny dance on these bitches
Bust my Henny dance on these bitches
Bust my Henny dance

[Verse 2]
I got that Rosé and Henny
Got Ciroq with the Remy
Got the Gray Goose but that deuce deuce got me dizzy
Got Patron, no chase
I drink all my liquor straight
1800 to the face, I just drink drink drink
And I like my bitches straight
I go hard in the paint
Beat the pussy 'til she faint
She'll be gay when she wake
I work hard every day, I don't ever take a break
Irrelevant if it don't pay, I'm 'bout my cake cake cake
And then I bust my two step
Screaming fuck the police, where the goons at?
All my niggas eating good like the food net
Shawty topped the whole team, call it crew neck
Yeah, Brooklyn be the city bitch
Of course I got a bunch of Brooklyn niggas with me
Everything lit, everything litty
Everything grit, everything gritty
I hit my Henny dance on 'em
Fuck a hater, when I'm drunk I ignore 'em
Tell her twerk that ass, I'll reward her
Bitch, I'm off that dirty water

Do my Henny dance, do my Henny dance
Bust my Henny dance
I do my Henny dance, do my Henny dance
Boy I bust my Henny dance
Tell her turn around for them bands
Then I do my Henny dance
Bitch I told her turn around for them bands
Then I do my Henny dance
Got a bottle of that Henny in my hand
Got a bottle of that Henny in my hand
Then I do my Henny dance, do my Henny dance
Do my Henny dance, do my Henny dance

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