[Verse 1:]
Hopped up out the shower bout like 8PM
Clear the foggy mirror like I'm sexy and
I know it then get a text like
What's up tonight yos hit me up like
I'm comin' and I'm like alright alright
He said wait where you live again my nigga
I said goddammit man is you serious my nigga
I live on 9th right next to Bryce
You know the nigga that stole the bitch that I liked
He said oh shit
That was some funny ass shit
I said shut the fuck up nigga and get over here quick
He said alright
He picked me up in his silver Corolla
Then we got the rest of the crew
And some bitches up to get food
You know us niggas we just too damn loud
The Taco Bell employee had to calm my nigga down
Threw the taco in the trash
Then we mobbed up to the back
Mark started rollin' papers while we checked up for the feds
Refer in the air
Khalifa in our ears
I don't even smoke
I was just chillin' with my crew
Next thing I know we gotta rush the fuck up
Cause the bitches in the car yellin' hurry the fuck up

Just another friday night with the homies
Feelin like I drowned in a small town

[Verse 2:]
So now we headed to the party
Sippin' on Bacardi while me shawties feelin' naughty
My niggas just keep on bickerin'
Bout' the money we spending all our liquor in
I get a call from my nigga Dre
He like head to John's house
You know them bitches want the D
A yos
What's up
Make a left on Kenisworth
We gone fuck these white girls till there fuckin' feelins' hurt
I walked up in that bitch with a stank face
Make my hello rounds with my nigglets
Seen my side hoes talkin' to each other
I turned around because I know this will be big disaster
She like girl where'd you get your hickie from
Oh me man Né you know I always give him some
Né who
You know Aminé Né
She like
Oh hell naw where the fuck you at Né
That's when I know it is my queue to go
Hit my ex girl like what's up I need that pussy though
Not really what I said
But you get what I meant
Another night alone so I use my right hand


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