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[Verse 1]
Hey bitch I'm rowdier than 20 Roddy Pipers
I'm here to spit a cypher with more bars than Rikers
Always dead on the target like some military snipers
Got shitty rappers leaving skid marks in their diapers
My disciples said it's time, I jumped off the crucifix
Rolling with some lunatics, we're coming to remove your lips
And dump your body in the freezer by the tuna fish
And leave that motherfucker with your wallet and your Puma kicks
Now it's time to show these old bitches newer tricks
I'm big enough to block the Sun and make the fucking Moon eclipse
I could leave the Devil terrified and Buddha pissed
And best believe that I could even paralyze Medusa, bitch
Hell yeah, the kid is that nice
The music I supply will keep you higher than the gas price
And I'mma never quit, so you ain't gotta ask twice
I'm a soldier for this culture, till they play the bagpipes

[Verse 2]
Ain't nobody got enough skill to copy this
Underdog getting mad and strong like the Rocky flicks
Beating up this beat with hockey sticks and karate kicks
If Hip Hop is really dead I'm trynna make the body twitch
Resurrect it, I flow with such a passion
Lyrical assassin to half these cats rappin'
Talking about your money when there ain't nobody askin'
And songs about fashion? Keep it in the trash bin
Cause honestly, half of these rappers just leave me unimpressed
I'm rolling with a chosen few, then I'm saying fuck the rest
Got a small crew, I'm cool with a lonely roster
Cause you dudes can't fuck with it, got a style like Jodie Foster
I'mma have to show them that I'm buzzin'
MC's want beef, I'mma just throw them in the oven
If you can't handle the heat then why you in Hell's kitchen?
Yo I'm beatin bitches up with passion, Mel Gibson
Bitch I'm hot as Hell, and I'm cold as ice
So if you fuck with me you gon' get turned into a poltergeist
Willing to bet your life on a bluff, shit then roll the dice
Cause when I hold the mic it's the legends that I be flowing like
Never holding back, and never talking coy
My raps will leave your kids fucked up like an alter boy
Oooh, I think I might have just struck a nerve
They're saying I'm such a perv, but really I just observe
This fucking world, man it's all such a big mess
Looking at it from the best city in the midwest
A monster came to stomp on you insects
Spitting game dirtier than Bobby Brown's piss test
This flow is Ramadan
Because I'm on the type of revolutionary shit that Allah put Muhammad on
Now's probably be a bad time to say that I'm the bomb
But a perfect time for me to say peace, A Salaam

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