Man I'm so fucking sick
People coming up to me
Coming to meetings, to my meetings
And my shows
Talking this fucking bullshit about chemtrails
And fucking thirty years later you still talking 9/11
Man, fuck that. Get a fucking life man
Man I got your fucking building number seven right here motherfucker
Come and get it
Let's do this!

[Verse 1:Sole]
You always talk about bringing back the spirit of '76
But slavery and genocide was the spirit of '76
You're Glenn Beck meets William Cooper, who needs this shit?
Your show is like burning crosses for aborted fetuses
I watch you cry on YouTube, you should exercise more
Cause a shrink would call that paranoid delusions of grandeur
That's why you're against the pharmaceutical industry
There's something fucked up in your brain chemistry
If I was the FBI , I'd invent Alex Jones
Take two spoonfuls of silver iodide and call me when all the DVDs are burning
Don't call it a conspiracy
It's the way it's always been, but you read confederate history
Some concepts are two big, this world is too small
I'm a grown ass man, fuck you and your chemtrails
Don't fucking talk to me about the fluoride in the water
Talk to me about how we smash the state and fight the power
Y'all give truth a bad name
Lying motherfucker, y'all give Texas a bad name
We got real enemies to face, wars we can actually win
They're doing real shit to destroy us in the open
Now you're gonna say I'm a new world order stooge
I'm an old world order stooge like Red Cloud and Peter Gelderloos
As an anarchist I was born to lose
And get stabbed in the back by collaborators like you
So you wanna talk about what happened on 9/11?
Obviously it was a multidimensional shape-shifting alien
He looked like Reagan
Rose from the ashes like white devils in hell denying evolution
Now I would never call the cops, but to the EPA I'll snitch you out
So much hot air, you're fucking up my carbon count
Chill while I pour a little Pepsi out
For the aborted babies that ain't bought Lou Gusset denim yet
You're like the conspiracy theory Skymall
The David Icke reptile swallowing its own tail
You should fall on your megaphone, die with some dignity
How many dinosaurs had to die to pay for your YouTube traffic, B?
You claim to love freedom so much
You a police lover, why you hate women so much?
Talk about the feminist homosexual plot for domination
As if the answer to the world's problems is more Christians breeding
You ain't a libertarian, you're Rand Paul with a tinfoil hat
I'm a libertarian socialist, Google that
You scan the news and twist facts
Placing all faith in free market while most of the world can't afford bootstraps
Freedom comes from the barrel of a gun
Not from the shit end of a white man's megaphone
You want to reduce the state to the size of a police station
Okay, let's go all the way and close every police station
Alex, you ignore A.L.E.C. who writes terrorism laws
Talking Bilderberg but not a word on the Koch brothers
You're selling half the world down the river, B
All the while funneling the rage to feed the trough of the GOP
Quit talking shit on the Masons
My grandfather's a Mason, and he hates the government
All them Shriners want to do is build hospitals
That's a market based solution to misguided capital
Fuck Alex Jones

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