When your day implodes
And your afternoon grows old
And you step outside to the rain drops glide
And your dog slips out and you shake the cobwebs free
Is there more to this breath that you are taking?

When there's a lack of breeze in the huckleberry tree
And the spin out there is that no one really cares
You're the poster child of last decades poster vibe
Is it just a natural conclusion?

Who will stand there to connect them
All our powers as merely human

We began as friends in the language of the then
But the comic wares that were looked upon for days
When the path to stray, I am sure I swear
Is there something in this that is worth singing?

See the roof nearby it was damaged by the sky
And the neighbours to you are no longer
There's a chill in the air aforementioned disrepair
Are these moments that are to be treasured?

Whoever said I had the answer?
That I live here next to the house of cancer

On the scale of ten he got the best of both of them
And you collect your shoes from the carpet of abuse
There's a light inside that is bright but just as clean
Is there still something that you didn't mention?

We are building yachts in the former parking lot
For the pride and joy of the recently employed
And you offer things like a chicken or a hymn
Are these pestles of a better picture?

Whoever said you had the answer
Living by the ghost of the house of cancer

Sun scratched the floor as a bug blew in the door
It was dimming soon, how the barks could fill the room
Just the perfect end and I wish we could pretend
That tomorrow would be all that was waiting

And it was immense in designs that will connect
To the fault and power of their offers and our pleas
With your hands reached out but replies are now delayed
Is there really too much to take with you?

A question can be a form of answer
Like jeopardy caught in the house cancer

Covering with bricks the view before our eyes
Still we'll work our best and last for days
It's relentless and it spends all your energy to an end
In the morning for will you still be craving?

With the paper cup and your dog thats just a pup
People came and went, a position you resent
To reply in kind, oh how could we be so blind?
Is the wonder of the world around you breaking?

Caliphates and praise are not your answer
Just lies in the walls of the house of cancer

See the flowers wilt in the government they built
And the hammers wail for the ship that hasn't sailed
We will fall behind of that message over time
Is it written in your constitution?

Should we sit and wait on a delivery that's late
And we can watch and wonder what the deal is
You go secretly, throw some water on the leaves
If the best of the day has not been wasted

Neither watching nor the dancer
For living, laughing at the house of cancer

Call your best shots and that doctor's got a lot
Of ideas that make even children made to wait
There's a line that forms and its really quite a rush
Can we take the next ride to your demonstration?

The farmer's cat and your dog thats only black
And your favourite chair, it's the only chair thats there
And you'll look out West through the window to the moon
Is there something out there for you to give into?

It's just a guess and not your answer
The porch lights just out in the house of cancer

But the Christmas parade got starting late today
And was smaller than anyone expected
And the baby's crying and the mothers hands are full
What has happened to the line down at the grocery?

The mayors irrate and she used to strife at the day
For all our cares and there's always so many prayers
By the comments they bring you can hear them echo sing
Where the hell are those Saints a goin' of to?

It's not a letter to be answered
Park it in the lot of the house of cancer

Please I beg you do not answer
Just board it care the house of cancer

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