It’s in my head
All the cracks and the creases are still there
And I’m trying to work it out
But some things don’t fade

I thought this place
And all of its faces were erased
Just boxed up
In the attic inside my brain

Not dead or living
Just somewhere between

These old friends of mine
Have all moved away
The streets are empty now
Every home feels like a grave
These back roads
All lead to houses that were homes
A stock pile of memories
Of a life we made

Not dead or living
Just somewhere between

I wish I could go back
To more than water and black sand
To see foundations laid
Just to observe the change
I wish I could go back
Just to see the face of my dad
To see foundations laid
Just to observe the change

Not better off alone
Not better off in my head

There’s an echo in the waves
The repetition of the days
Throw the ashes to the lake

The cracks and the creases are still there
Some things don’t change

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Raymond Island song meanings
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    Song Meaning"I grew up on a small island called Raymond Island in rural Victoria. It’s about 3km wide & 7km long and when I was living there between the ages of 3 & 18 there were about 350 residents. It’s connected to the mainland by a chain ferry.
    It’s a super small town & everyone knows everything about everyone else. My dad was hugely active in a lot of community groups and spent a lot his life fighting to keep the island the special place that it was while developers and people who cared less about the environment would come and try and build hotels on wetlands & a bridge to the mainland etc. He passed away when I was 13 in our living room from a brain tumour with my mum, my sister, my grandmother & myself beside him. Now that I live in Melbourne and my family and friends have moved away too (the streets are empty now // every home feels like a grave) I find returning to the island pretty raw. There’s a million memories and if you walk to the end of the boardwalk to the left of the ferry theres a stone with a plaque for my dad."
    Azazel23on November 10, 2016   Link

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